Presence Sensor / Hub gone mad

So In the last 6-8 months the stability of the platform has improved drastically - to the point that I stopped monitoring outages / wrong events etc…

BUT TONIGHT!! For some reason the hub decided that both my wife and I left the apartment (i.e that the presence sensors were no longer in the apartment). Which turned off all the electronics we were using at the time (AV system etc) and set the alarm off as soon as we moved. Is sorted it out manually… and then this happened a further 5 times this evening!

I’m worried the alarm will go off whilst we are asleep. I’ve had a presence sensor failure before - and this can be due to a variety of factors… but for the hub to suddenly decide that everyone has left seems like a platform level issue.

Anyone else see this behaviour?

Any explanation?

This has been an ongoing theme of various threads on this forum since I have been a member. There is no definative answer as to the cause. I personally don’t think it’s platform related but my theory may not be any more valid than any other postulated in the various threads prior to this one.

We use two iPhones in my home for presence and have never had a failure. Others have had nothing but trouble and I can only imagine the frustration that must bring with it.

There have been some recurring suggestions I can pass along to you. Life 360 has been recommended by several people on the forum. Widening the geofence has also been recommended. Keep wi-if turned on on your phones. (Keep in mind that when indoors there is no GPS to rely on, it’s doing location based on cell towers when indoors, wi-if will help with accuracy.)

I wish I could say this will never happen to you again but based on my reading I certainly can’t make that guarantee.

I’m not using a phone for presence sensing - just presence sensors. Any other advice?

Batteries? The battery reporting seems to be a challenge so I’d try new batteries unless you are very sure that they aren’t getting low…

I actually changed the batteries recently. The thing is the likelihood of both batteries having a defect at the same time is impossible - must be a platform thing

I have four of the keyfob presence sensors. Sometimes in the evening I get a a message that a family member has just arrived when they have been home all evening. This only happens in the evening. All of our keys are kept together near the hub. I am assuming there is some local interference that is disrupting the signal - possibly a neighbour has switched something on.