Presence sensor delay

I’m using smartthings presence (arrival) sensors and in the old app had the ability to delay an ‘everybody leaves’ automation i.e. if no presence sensor is seen for 10 mins then execute goodbye scene (turn off devices and turn on cameras, motion detectors) and arm smartthings home sensor.

I don’t want to use gps location for presence.
Am I missing something in the new app or do I have to use webcore or some other solution?

To answer my own question and help anyone who might experience similar.

The presence sensor time out is set in in the IDE , my hubs, utilities, update presence timeout
Somewhere along the line, this had reset from 10 mins to 2 mins.
I updated the presence timeout which resolved my issue.

I was also able to do the same in Webcore using a virtual switch
if sensor stays ‘not present’ for 10 mins
turn on switch

Switch then used in automation to execute goodbye scene

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