Presence sensor battery life

Is there a secret to extending the battery life of these little guys? I replaced the battery in one of them last month and today it is at 25%. I have replaced the batteries probably three times this year. Any thoughts/advice?

same problem. Mine has been working for 6 weeks now it is at 25 %.

Mine generally last over 6 months. The one thing about battery reporting is that it is non-linear and it is not in logical steps. A new 100% battery will report around 85% (or there about, can’t remember the number) as it’s the next programmed reporting step; it doesn’t go 99, 98, 97 etc. Mine sit at 25% for quite awhile before they actually stop working at 1%

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@daven thanks for the information. Mine reported 25% this morning. I keep track of them and when they actually stop working.