Presence sensing using iPhone - location accuracy

(Bergman) #1

This topic has been previously discussed with no good resolution that I can find. I’m using my iPhone 6 for presence sensing. Wifi is turned on. I find that the ST app reports I have arrived or departed when I am a good distance (in some cases several miles) from home. When th happened in a rural area, I just assumed the system was confused due to the very distant spaced cell sites. It is doing the same thing in a city of 25000 residents. Any suggestions for improving location accuracy? I do have location services enabled.

(Edward Pope) #2

Actually, it sounds like it is working pretty well. The GeoFence is a pretty big area. And once you go beyond it, it sets of a timer that eventually determines that you have left the area. Then all things that are supposed to happen when you leave should fire off.

I know that there are some issues with moving on the Iphone, where the information still thinks that you are bound to the original area that the hub was located. But, that appears to not be your particular issue.

Just so that I understand, I assume that it is determining that you have left, and that you have come back. Just not at the correct time or juncture correct?

(Bergman) #3

Correct. The issue with the large area is that as it works today, I could never use geofencing to automatically unlock a door.

(Edward Pope) #4

I understand your concern. I tied my unlocking of the door along with the ST Presence sensor that came with my kit. Both have to be there and active for the door to auto unlock. This also assures that it will only lock and unlock when I am in close presence of the door.