Presence Management via Ubiquiti possible?

Hi everyone,

I am running a Ubiquity setup (not Unify, but UNMS) and was wondering if it is possible to use that as a presence management tool.

I live with two roommates and they dont wanna bother with the app, so it would be very useful if I could link my router to smartthings and manage their presence that way. Has anyone attempted that before?

i.e.: Check if their mobile devices are logged into the network or not.

This should be what you’re looking for:



that looks really interesting, but if I understand it right its for Unifi only?
I dont run unify but UNMS, but maybe someone in that thread can point me to a solution.

I missed that you’re running UNMS. I’d still recommend posting there though, Ubiquiti usually uses similar APIs across products so it may not be too difficult to modify it if it doesn’t already support it.

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I definitely will. The only concern I am having is that the solution in the other thread is tied to the Unify controller, while UNMS doesnt have a controller per se. But I will find out! Thanks again for pointing me to that thread, i didnt find it during my initial search.