Presence Detection is systemically broken, not problem with phone


I’ve been doing a lot of searching on this forum to find out why presence is so unreliable… and a lot of people have been blaming the phones. I have an android, and today, while sitting on my couch, out of nowhere, my house went into the “leaving” routine.

My phone has been set to away since (over an hour). But there’s no reason for that, and it’s NOT because my GPS is broken. In fact, I went to expand my geofence just in case that was the issue.

Check that little blue dot- that shows where I am. It’s in the red circle. Just sitting there.

There should NEVER be a time that the app KNOWS I’m within the fence and simply won’t do a thing about it.

I’ve been watching this for a while now, and still no updates. Nothing.

This is not a phone problem. This is a smart things problem.

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When you use your phone, remember that GPS signals are weak and often inaccurate inside a building. Satellites are in motion relative to the earths surface, as time progresses satellites will disappear and new ones will show up through your living room window. Transitions and reflections can cause glitches. Smartthings does not control the location that your phone reports. On the contrary, it uses the location your phone reports. Ask yourself if you have the same problems when your phone has a clear view of the sky out in the yard.

Some folks use tags that connect to the home zigbee or zwave network, others have used smarttools and Tasker to define their home presence as a connection to their home wifi. That method may alow you to stay home, indoors, while maintaining your legitimate presence on the couch.


I don’t think it’s related to satellites or shakey connection. The app clearly shows my position correctly. Google maps clearly shows my position correctly. Signing out of, and back into the app fixes my position.

This is a bug that samsung needs to fix, nothing more.

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I’ll be listening for the results of your outside test.

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I am one one of the loudest people on these forums complaining about mobile presence. Just this past week, I setup WW-DRT for wifi presence, and this is addition to the ST app and key fob. I then use a master virtual presence sensor and I rely on 2 of the 3 to be accurate with a Rule Machine rule. It should increase my chances of the mobile presence being much more reliable but time will tell.

It’s pretty ridiculous I had to go to these lengths to find a reliable solution. It’s always been fine on my iPhone, but not on my wife’s.


I have proven quite solidly that this was not a factor.

To repeat: The app shows correct location. The app does not update. Logging out and relogging in sets the location correctly, showing that there was no other factor interfering, it was solely the app not updating a known location.

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If you haven’t already, you should open a ticket with