Presence dead..... Again?

Is it just me? Or is the presence dead again?

All of my automations involving presence are not working.

Edit - do it hasn’t been working since at least 2115 cst… But as soon as I post this it starts working again. Of course!

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No issues here…

I currently have a problem with all zigbee/zwave events. Can control devices but no events come in…

Nothing is working…we are back where we started. The sad thing is we are no closer to another solution out there replacing ST.

Investigating - Some North American users may be experiencing issues with device control, loading the mobile app, and SmartApp execution at this time. The engineering team is working on the issue and we will update shortly,
Aug 13, 07:28 EDT

Aren’t you using life 360? What presence are you talking about?

Yes, I am. Sensor comes home, ST says it’s home, none of the automations work.