Presence constantly switching


For about the last two weeks, I have been having major problems with presence on my Nexus 6P.

Throughout the night, with my phone just sitting on my table, it leaves and arrives several times throughout the night.

I have already verified my phone IS NOT losing it’s location at any point throughout the night. Both by running another GPS presence app and checking Google’s location tracking.

It is even ignoring the timers that are supposed to keep it from falsely activating. I can clearly see it activate leaving and then 8 minutes later activate arriving. I have arriving set to not activate if I haven’t been for for at-least 10 minutes.

What gives? Support gave me the same canned response they gave me last time I had an issue. And the last time, it magically fixed itself just a few days later.


Make sure you are well within your geo presence fence that you set up around your house or maybe resetting it might help. I remember moving my geo fence and it caused similar problems because I was too close to the border.


My fence goes out ~1/2 mile, and it’s ridiculous that I even have to set it that high to kinda have it be reliable. Same phone, different smart hub and it worked every time within .02 miles. I switched to smart things for other reasons.


There have been all kinds of platform problems for the last week, with many strange results. I’m not sure it’s possible to diagnose issues right now until the platform is stabilized.

See The official status page:

And the discussion thread: