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Presence checked in when i was away

(EinarS) #1

My family was away for the weekend.
Two of the phones with us checked in at home a few times while gone.


Mine is doing just the opposite I have been home all day & it has me as away. Maybe someday ST will get the program to work.

(Robin) #3

I gave up on Mobile presence location a long time ago… false / buggy states and a big drain on battery!

I get nearly flawless results from the ST arrival sensors, they sometimes drop out when I’m home, for a few minutes, but that’s easy to compensate for with a wait in CoRE or the built in delay in the ST IDE settings.

Dropping in when out is harder to compensate for as I need instant response on arrival. Don’t have that problem with ST sensors though.

I’ve heard of users doing stuff with wifi, when phone connects to home network it shows as present… not sure of the details though, I think it involved tasker?

There’s a @JDRoberts FAQ somewhere on the subject… I’ll try to dig it out.

(Robin) #4