Preconditions ignored - why are these motion sensing routines/scenes fighting with each other?

The use case that pushed me out of Alexa and into ST a mere month ago was seemingly simple and, as I have learned, not unique. “Dumb” Lutron Maestro motion sensor lights worked flawlessly in kitchen but created glare in family room when watching TV at night.

100+ hours later the Zigbee and Zwave devices (all paired directly to Aeotec hub) and scenes work as expected when run directly from new app, but I have not been able to get routines with preconditions and motion sensors to trigger and hold the correct scene.

I feel like I’m missing some basic beginning concepts and best practices here, or at least hoping I am!

I’ve tried many permutations over the last 2 weeks with similar results, so will just post the most recent one:

What “not working” looks like has varied a bit over last 2 weeks but usually looks like this: regardless of whether preconditions are or not met, motion in the kitchen initially triggers “kitchen morning” behavior in some or all devices, then seconds later (sometimes before all devices are in their “kitchen morning” states), devices eventually go into their “TV kitchen” mode, sometimes quickly, sometimes not. Variation with same preconditions statuses (I think, it’s hard to keep track) devices come on in “TV kitchen” states then revert to “kitchen morning”. Another variation (has been a week since I saw this) - continuous vacillation between the two scenes. Like I inadvertently sentenced these poor scenes and devices to battle each other for eternity.

This happens regardless of whether routine preconditions are met or not (as seen in the app) - time of day, whether a virtual sensor is on or off or its contact sensor is closed or open (set manually in app or through button), mode is night or not, and most recently, whether TV power consumption is in the specified range… I’ve also tried using just one motion sensor, then just the other. A couple weeks ago I wasn’t using scenes, just listing out every device action within the routine (that was just using virtual switch, no modes, no TV power monitor.) Also tried routines that used TV power condition to set mode to Night or Home.

As of right now, the TV kitchen routine is turned off, and morning kitchen working ok, but with the glare that motivated this whole endeavor.

Frankly there are so many permutations I’ve tried that I can’t say all were tested thoroughly nor did I keep track of results. It’s as if I’m a single monkey randomly typing trying over a short eternity to produce Shakespeare but keep ending up with incoherent Facebook posts. :crazy_face:

(I’d also add I have not been able to get reliable performance out of the mains-powered GE/Jasco in-wall motion dimmer or Aeotec Motion Sensor, either by themselves or in combo, but will save that for a future post.)

Any vital info am I not sharing, or not being clear enough about? TMI? Happy to learn why it ISN’T working, AND happy for someone to tell me “just do it this way” and I’ll happily share back results.

Thanks for reading this far :wink:

<edit: have not delved into Webcore or Smartapps - given uncertain future and no prior investment in time here doesn’t make sense to me to go down that rabbit hole unless there is no alternative.>