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These have the extra terminals if you like to experiment with them. $19.99 w/free shipping EBay

I mentioned some projects about a 100 posts back

Charlotte Pineville store is now out of stock. Stores around Charlotte vary from from $40 to $80.

@Jimxenus, Thanks, I know the Monoprice ones have the extra internal connectors… I was wanting to know if the new Iris design ones have them as well, unless you are confirming with your post they do not…


Iris contact sensors don’t have extra terminals like monoprice and schlage sensors do.

Just FYI… I wasn’t able to add any more of the contact sensors from the Chelsea NY store to parcel shipping… but they are now back up for parcel. I was able to order two more and a motion sensor.

Is there any reason we need so many posts here about the lowes sensors? This is supposed to be a deals thread, and all of the deals are getting lost in the sea of people talking about their orders and when they are shipping, etc. Maybe make a thread for that somewhere else and leave this for new deals?


Not ST compatible (yet? - Bluetooth) but looks like a cool lock. Anyone tried OKIDOKEYS Classic ACCESS-PACK Bluetooth 4.0 Smart-Lock System Compatible with Smartphones, Cell Phones, and RFID Tags??

@DaPanda If you are going to post Amazon referral links every day (communitysmar-20) can you please at least make them compatible with SmartThings? :wink:


Why are all these things showing up as clearance for certain stores but not others? My stores show this at $22.99

Thanks to this thread, I re-ordered the garage door controller (just bought one for $80 a few days ago) as well as 6 contact sensors. I hope they actually ship!

GoControl, 2 sensors and motion detector is $23.06 at the Hattiesburg Ms., Home Depot.

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Sky bell 2.0 “shocking-values” Sams club for 98.97$


I know this keeps coming up over and over again in this thread. So, I decided to make an attempt at mitigation. I’m sure it will only be slightly effective toward the intended goal, but at least it’s an attempt…

Here is a thread I just created that we can use for discussing deals, sales, coupons, pricing, etc…

Also, I think we should rename this present ‘Deals’ thread to coincide with the naming of the discussion thread.

My proposal…

The deals thread should be named like this…

POST Deals/Sales/Coupons/Pricing HERE (discuss deals in the other thread)

Then, the OP should say something like this…

Please ONLY use this thread for posting Deals, Sales, Coupons, Best Prices, etc.
For discussing any of the deals posted in this thread, please use the Deals Discussion thread…

p.s. This is NOT a fight or argument about methodology. All points of view on this are not only relevant, but necessary. This is simply an experiment to see if something like this will help us at all. :slight_smile:

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I think that there needs to be some form of discussion around each deal. For example we all need to know if the current product will work with smartthings or if it is community supported. Nobody here really wants to buy something that is not compatible. We also need to discuss location, coupons, etc… I would say instead of making another thread, try to clean up the current one. If you are really worried about missing out on a deal then there are better sites for that like SlickDeals or just keep up with the thread as many deals come and go quickly like they have with the contact sensors.


Please find the comments in this post over in the deal-discussion thread (USE THIS LINK TO GET THERE)


Deals tend to be short lived and change constantly. I think we should just start a new Deals Thread at the beginning of each month but keep the discussions going because that’s what makes this different from say Slickdeals or Dealnews websites. It’s good to know HOW to get some of these deals and bonus discounts such as the Lowes percentage off sites. We should, however try to stick to deals that are compatible with SmartThings in some way. Of course, there can be exceptions such as the BloomSky deal that became compatible later. Just my two cents…


Please find the comments in this post over in the deal-discussion thread (USE THIS LINK TO GET THERE)

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It is one thing to have someone ask it it is compatible, or what the process to get the deal is. But when the thread degrades into people discussing shipping, etc it is really pointless.
As for going to Slickdeals, I do that also, but it is nice to come here where the stuff is specifically catered to smartthings.


Back in stock… $21.99
Monoprice Z-Wave Motion Detector w/ Temperature Sensor - NO LOGO


I couldn’t edit OP, but I did edit title… Only because I’m sick of the discussion about taking discussion elsewhere… I personally still believed most of the banter relevant to one topic. But if I must follow 2 I will.

In the last deal thread, I swear the 50% posts were deals, 20% posts were disscussion, 10% were lowes comments, 20% were people complaining about lowes comments (the complaints bother me more than the comments! lol).


Guilty as charged on that last point! :slight_smile:

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