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Ordered the Iris Garage Door opener for $40 in Charlotte NC. Paid $85 for my other one. This price makes adding one to my wife’s garage door worth doing. I love this thread!

Got my 15 contact sensors and 4 motion sensors today

I got my 8 contact sensors yesterday, pretty easy to deploy :slight_smile: now if only they will ship my garden spots!

FWIW, these are easily upgraded to the V2 firmware, so once you’ve done that they function identically to the newer ones.

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how do you upgrade them and what does that get you?

Buydig will semi-regularly have these for $15 or a bit less. @dshokouhi upgrade is easy, download file from Aeon’s site, windows systems only, plug in, run the file, done. Not sure what it actually buys you though…

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Looks like the iris open close sensors are back to being available with parcel shipping from the 10001 store.

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damn not for me @eric182 :frowning:

thanks for the tip on updating the firmware on the minimote @michaelahess and @chickwebb pretty quick to do it

Here’s a screenshot of the 10001 zip code lowes. Taken one minute ago.

Also, a screenshot of the garage door opener from the Pineville Lowes in Charlotte NC…no parcel shipping. Only in-store pickup.

Anybody want to pick one up and ship it to me🤗?

Ecobee3 $189.99 shipped

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And I get no parcel ship…man, I’m never going to get these unless I make a road trip to NY! :slight_smile:

Just ordered one, and was about to post it here.
Hopefully Ebay purchases will be eligible with my local Gas company $100 incentive…

Interesting it works on mobile but not on desktop hmm

I would also be interested in buying one from someone who can get for this price.

Best Buy makes it official: Peq sensors are now on clearance everywhere and are being discontinued at Best Buy.

These are made by Centralite and work well with SmartThings, I have several of both the contact sensors and the motion sensors.

Not available for online purchase. You can check the website to see inventory at stores near you. The contact sensors are currently priced at $18.99.


I think most stores are sold out of the motion sensors, but if a local store still has an E they should be priced about the same.

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Doesn’t look like they report temperature. I’m using several of the Iris ones just to collect remote temp readings (which at $10 each is pretty awesome).

I have one last order of 6 outstanding and just received a notice that 1 of them has shipped; the rest are still “processing”.

They do report temperature. They’re made by Centralite, as are the SmartThings brand and I believe the iris.

If you can get the current deal from Iris, that will be cheaper, but the Peq is a nice sensor if it happens to be available at your local store.

My mistake for just going by the information on BestBuy’s website and not checking the Peq website. I should have known better!

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at least they don’t confuse Zigbee for WiFi :stuck_out_tongue:

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