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Big difference is that the mouse trap notification will do something the eggminder never could. Actually work :wink:


Just fulfilling a long line of history. Building a better mouse trap


I bought 2 for $8.50/ea it was always my intention to tear this apart to see if I could repurpose them… But then I got ST and I don’t think it connects, and even if it does… Bigger fish to fry.

Actually I’ve thought think that a small zwave or zigbee scale that reported accurate weight would be nice for things like this.

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Already there man


Yep I have one. lol

not crazy. Several voices confirm it.

Damn it! I designed this over a year ago. I have a pic of the schematics on my white board somewhere.

Story of my life. A day late and in inch short.

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I should have it play Chopin’s Death March over the speakers.


I’m still trying to figure why in the world I’d want an egg minder… I mean really… There are more important things in my fridge than the eggs… Maybe some way to tell me that my meat is thawed or something…

Plus I buy my eggs by the case. I feed the teenage boys every morning… Which means a dozen eggs a day!

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Is this site pretty safe to order through? Just never heard of it before but they have to Fibrao motion sensors for 60 bucks where as they are 113 on Amazon right now.

Just ordered 2 micro dimmers last night through thesmartesthouse’s eBay store. Check there they might be cheaper,

I have ordered through their Amazon store. Great customer service.

Thanks guys. Just wanted to make sure. Excited to get this motion sensor for the living room.

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I attached one of the IRIS motion sensor under the sink to detect the mouse movement at night. Setup the trap and killed 2 of the little suckers. Left the motion sensor in place for a few days to confirmed no more movement. Mouse problem quickly resolved.


Still think I should bait the shop vac hose a set up a motion detector to turn it on.


Did you chose this model for any specific reason?

That evil alien reptile eye staring at you sensation. Obviously.


Because from talking with people here it by far and above the better one to buy at least when pets are involved.

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Fibaro sensors are like the eye of Sauron…


I’ve ordered from their website a couple of times, they’ve been great and paid for return shipping when I had an issue with the Aeon/Aeotec RGB bulbs.