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It might be easier for you to clamp on the lead in the breaker panel. Each of those devices would have a separate circuit breaker.

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Yeah but then I have all of them in one place, putting them near the actual devices should improve my z-wave mesh since they are plugged in. Assuming they are repeaters which as I write this I realize I’ve not checked.

Most dryers/washing machines/stoves have an access panel to get at the wires for the plug, in case you need to replace the plug. It might be easiest to connect it there.


Forgot all about that, and I just replaced the rollers and belt on my dryer like 3 weeks ago! Thanks!

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New to all this but… Wondering if this buddy concept could work with ST? Sale on the new projector arm.

If you don’t need 3 here’s 2 for $40

It all depends on this thing’s API.

This “Open source and easy to use” made me laugh. Easy to use if you’re a programmer is how that translates.


Edit: Price/Availability seems to be based on your local store so YMMV

It looks like Lowes is running a promotion on their website for their Osram Lightify stuff. Most of it is marked as 50% off until Monday the 7th. It looks like some is marked as on sale and other stuff is heavily discounted but not marked.

Here are the highlights, but other Lightify stuff was discounted on their site:

Soft White Bulb: $9.99
Adjustable white bulb: $14.99

Strip + Controller: $28.00
Strip Expansions: $7.00

BR 30 adjustable white bulb $17.49

adjustable white Recessed Light: $19.99


Are these colored bulbs? Are they smart bulbs?

Well that sucks. I have 12 osram bulbs I have purchased over the last month. LOL

They are dumb LED white bulbs.

It’s saying Wifi controlled though… Lightify ones.

They were talking about another post not related to the lightify you posted

Missed that. Oops :slight_smile:

Awesome! Can you provide some more details?

Can I buy these things on Amazon?

What I see is a cable leaving the dryer and going into the wall.

For some reason the Strip and controller is coming up as $69.99 for me, rather that $28.00. The rest is working. The only ting I can think of is the zip code. Is anyone else having the Strip + Controller come up as $28.00 and if so, what zip code?

That’s one of the ones that didn’t show “Save 50%” when I looked, but it’s still showing $28 for me. I’m in 02176 (Boston area).

Mine is also showing up at $69.99 in MD :frowning:

I think they may have figured out that they were giving away the farm. I hope they honor the 9 extension kits at $7 I ordered, but they are now showing up at $35 a pop. I also grabbed two of the hubs at $6.50 each, even if I only use them as zigbee repeaters. That deal is still up for me.


(Though now that I look at it, I am not sure they will act as Zigbee repeaters)