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staples says $79 and out of stock

are these the DTH? link?

@RLDreams I use an app called AEON Power Strip Binding that binds the individual outlets to virtual switches.

Edit: and the device handler from Cooper Lee, Aeon Smart Strip

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Really? Are there any versions that allow the use of the switch? I don’t trust ST enough to want to disable the ability to manually toggle the switches like you can with the regular z-wave switches - even if the relays are significantly cheaper.

Use the two conductor going to the switch as the relay aux leg, assuming wiring in the fan is “normal” all power activity and connections will happen there. Each house is different of course, but for a single gang switch or a three conductor (traveler) on a multi gang, this should be possible.

If the relay goes wonky, you’d have to kill the breaker to reset, only downside I can think of.

This isn’t a specific deal but jet.com carries a pretty good variety of zwave devices at good prices, and if you use their Jet Anywhere service, you can get cash back from buying from other online vendors. For instance I just bought $70 of dog food from PetSmart and get $14 in Jet cash that I can then use to buy HA stuff without feeling guilty :slightly_smiling:


“Close” but more like Pacific Northwest but moved up north to Canada a while ago. Still going down regularly though

[quote=“RLDreams, post:785, topic:34950, full:true”](Pebble smart watch)
4 in stock at Marlborough east store in MA too. Too bad I stocked up on LG watches when A4C had them for $40 last month
[/quote]I wouldn’t by one these days unless it was under $10 like this, but all 4 were gone by the time I left work and would have made it there.

Well Timex didn’t have a booth at big E last year for my annual watch purchase so I needed a new one. I figured I could waste $40 on a “smart” watch .

5 piece 2gig/GoControl/monoprice/Linear…Z-wave sensor kits are down to $80 from multiple sellers on Amazon

Can the siren on that siren/strobe be disabled as an option?

yes The DH I am running lets you choose one or both


Not really… if you install them correctly then the relay will work regardless of the position of the switch - and the switch will work regardless of the state of the relay. I have one installed in a double switch which works lights under a pergola outside our bar and the lights above the pool table in the bar. I can control them with ST (and Echo via ST) as well as using the physical switch to turn the lights on and off.

If I turn the lights on with the switch, I can turn them off with ST. If I turn them off with the switch, I can turn them back on with ST.

If your switch being in the “off” position kills the ZWN-RSM2 then you do not have to connected correctly.

true but you would have to run a wire from the switch to the relay other that the two wires (hot and neutral) that currently exist because you have to put the power line from the switch to the hot. where are you going to get constant power that is not switched from? I used the aux for the pull chains for my fan and my light on the fixture. I must note because my fan has one switch to control fan and light I have it installed in the fan not in the wall.

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While not a GREAT deal, Amazon does have Leviton DZMX1-1LZ for $39 today.

Checkout this Network Attached Storage with Android display on lighting sale for next 4 hours. Wondering if this would also work as a SmartThings display. Anyone used it before?

Not sure why you would need a network media server for ST

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I think he’s talking about running the App on the display, IDK if it would run or not, but if it’s anything like my android tablets it won’t display very elegantly on a larger screen…

Smart tiles would though -

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I don’t know about having to use a small little wireless keyboard to try to move a pointer a screen to click at things. I guess it could work double-duty with Landroid and have all your sounds come through your TV but you would have to leave the TV on all the time.

Best Buy Deal of the Day:
Logitech - Harmony Touch 15-Device Universal Remote for $99, down from $299.
Model: 915-000198 SKU: 6500555


Is this one good for HA, or is it only for TVs, etc?