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Because from talking with people here it by far and above the better one to buy at least when pets are involved.

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Fibaro sensors are like the eye of Sauron…


I’ve ordered from their website a couple of times, they’ve been great and paid for return shipping when I had an issue with the Aeon/Aeotec RGB bulbs.

yeah, really, thanks for this link! They not only have really competitive prices, but they have a variety of stuff I’ve never seen before. Cool stuff.

Like I had never heard of the Zipato controller. Wish there was more info on it.

Thank you for the link
I have been looking for sites like this they are very few and far between.

Maybe we need a page of resource, vendor, blogs, home automation sites, links.

www.jet.com use code 15now 15% off first purchase


Great company. They were the only company that I could find that sells the recessed mount multisensor 6.

Customer service is great.

@joshuairl I have used the SmartestHouse for around four years or so and never had any problems. They are a good company and will make things right.

That’s the same price as Amazon.com. Okay connection kit is $3 less on Amazon and expansion kit is $3 more. So the only saving is the Ebates 2% which are good anywhere since amazon also has 5% off every day with Amazon charge account.

www.zwaveproducts.com is a major online retailer for Z wave products. They frequently have bundle prices which can be really good. (If you want several minimotes, for example, I would definitely check them.) decent return policy, not great. Usually very good prices and because they do so much volume they often have refurbished prices as well. I’ve bought a few things from them and been happy.

www.vesternet.com is one of the biggest home automation dealers in Europe, and also sells US products. They frequently have items which are hard to find anywhere else. They have one of the better return policies and really outstanding customer service both before and after sale. They’re particularly good about answering questions about features before you buy.

Also, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, Staples, Target, and Walmart all sell home automation equipment these days, often at quite good prices and with excellent return policies.

This would all be really good information to add to the community created wiki, since it can be easily kept up-to-date by many community members and kept it in easy to find format. :sunglasses:



Thank you for the lists
Much appreciated

I know it’s been lower, but ecobee 3 Is $235 at newegg

Will a refurb harmony hub work with my harmony touch to be able to send commands to control my IR capable electronics via ST? I see one for ~$57 on ebay.

I don’t know about working with your touch, but it will work with ST to control IR devices.

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Ah, perfect then. :slight_smile:

I was able to add a Touch to the Home Control Hub. I don’t know if all the hubs are the same and have the capabilities to control your HA devices.
Here is a list of compatibility options from their web site:

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Philips Hue Starter Kit, 3 Bulbs/Pack (426353) (Older model) $120 at Staples:

Microcenter has Inland (an off brand, but to spec.) Arduino Mega 2560s on sale for $10 right now. Just picked up a couple at the Denver store. They’re laid out conventionally - the only downside being the smaller, SMD ATmel chip rather than the larger, removable one, but for this price, who cares?


Best Buy also carries legit AAAA batteries (Had to buy a new one for my Surface Pro 3 pen).

Amazon has the Fire TV v2 on sale for $84.99 now, reg $99.99. They also have 2 other bundles on sale, Gaming Edition with controller $124.99 reg $139.99 and a Antenna Bundle for $109.99 reg $149.97.

This may be due to them not having Fire TV sticks in stock right now. I have also noticed that the Echo remote is now “Currently Unavailable”, don’t know what that is about.

All Fire TV devices will now control Home Automation commands through Alexa (even Fire TV v1 that I own) except maybe the older TV sticks or without voice remote. Also note that the Android app for Fire TV has a working microphone and you are able to talk to Alexa through your phone!

I was going to get another Echo or a remote for upstairs, then looked at sticks, then just bought another Fire TV to use the voice remote in the bedroom. Amazon (Alexa) loves me, mutually :slightly_smiling:

If this has already been shared let me know and I will delete post. I searched both posts and did not see it.