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Are these 5000k daylight color?

Yeah. The Cree daylight is as well. Both look the same when in a fixture. Cree is more reliable and dims nicer.

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Back to $40 until the 13th


SmartThings Home Monitoring kit for $149

$199 - $50 Presidents Day coupon applied when placed in cart. Free shipping.

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Hmmm, maybe time to move on to the V2 hub for me, this might give me the push.

GE now has four smart bulbs. So when you look at deals, make sure you know which of the four it covers.

Two from the “GE Link” line use Zigbee and are compatible with SmartThings (“soft white” and “daylight”).

Two from the new “C by GE” line use Bluetooth and are not (“Sleep” and “Life”).

The “Daylight” Zigbee bulb has a blue bar on the package, but it is still Zigbee, not Bluetooth, and will pair with SmartThings although you will to manually change it to device type for the original soft white bulb.

Details in the following thread:


Thanks JD, it’s been a while since I was looking at bulbs.

The only reason I was even looking at then now is because of the ST/hue broken integration.

I pulled all of my Phillips bulbs from the system until this is fixed.

But I can tell you this, I really miss those Phillips bulbs.

I now realize the huge difference in quality between the two brands. Phillips is much better than GE.

I don’t see this listed on status.smartthings.com - when did it break? mine worked OK last week (but do not today)

That page is pretty much useless…The servers could be melting down and that page will say all is oooooookkkkkkkkkk!

You can’t reinstall the hue app. As long as it’s installed you are ok, but the service is definitely degraded. I uninstalled mine… Huge mistake cause now I can’t reintegrate the two.

Standard answer from ST support… “we’re gonna fix it, we just don’t know when”

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Thanks. I was gonna pick up a hue system on ebay. Now ill hold off until it gets fixed.

You don’t need ST to use the hue stuff. If you find a deal go ahead and get it. I have a hue bridge with an Amazon Echo setup at my parents house and they are using it to control all of their lights with voice control. You can always add the hue back into your HA system if ST ever gets fixed.

Color Lifx Bulbs on sale today $49.99


Oh I know. I have almost every device in my house utilized in some kind of automation, outside of echo. I have three echo and four Minimotes that I use fort for manual control.

I just have the hue very integrated into the system… So, I had to pull them.


I just ordered the smartthing V2 kit from the official website. The total price is $149.00. They have a “Presidents Day Promo” for $50.00

deals cancelled, its $199 now.

Okay, I wasn’t imagining that on site it’s $50 off $249= $199 final price. Not that I need another hub, went looking to see if anything else was included in 20% off sale.

Yup that’s what the post eleven posts up says as well.
Great deal for those who got in on it before they cancelled it.

If they don’t cancel the orders on people.

Direct connect works reliably for me. Get the Lutron connected bulb remote to reset the bulbs.

I’m confused… Why would I do that?

My Ohio’s bulbs work with the Phillips hub, it’s busy that the hub will not talk to ST cause ST is broke.

I can’t get the direct connect app for hue to install

I have really got to start proofreading. I’m not even sure what I was saying here.