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Just an FYI, but you do need the Hub (not included with that) to connect to ST. That said it is still a good deal.

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Thanks for the info. I’m not looking into integrating with ST, yet, but I may start looking into getting the hub down the road.

Thanks. I got two with free shipping! .


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Deal must be done.

I just tried to order 2 - with coupon code - $60.98

Continuing the discussion from Heads Up: Deal on GE Zwave Outdoor Plug:

@Tom_von_Trott Just an FYI that lowes prices vary with locality. In general This is probably the Blister packaging that has been discontinued to lowes no longer a stock item for them. These have been discussed at length in this thread. I thought I would point you to the correct deals thread.

I emailed Menards asking if they would match amazons price of 39.99 of this product. Shortly later I received a response that it was a new product to them and they would be adjusting the price. Happy to see it’s been changed online!

OSRAM Lightify Smart Connected 9.5 Watt A19 Adjustable to Red, Blue, Green as well as Tunable White $35.59 after mail in rebate


Looks like Best Buy may be dropping Peq. Hardly any of their devices are now available on bestbuy.com except the contact sensor, which is on “clearance” at $30. Not as good as the $20 Thanksgiving price last year, but might be worth checking your local store to see what they’re doing.


I have both the Peq door and window sensor and the motion sensor and they both work well with SmartThings. (They’re rebranded centralite .)

Control4 launches 2 new hubs/devices, starting at $600:


I am guessing to compete with the lower priced hubs of ST, Wink, etc.

I picked up a new Peq water sensor on eBay for $18, and I think there some others near that point. It works great with ST.

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More likely to compete with the new Savant line.

The Control4 models are $600 for a single room home theater controller and $2,000 for the HA version. And you still have to have it professionally installed (,at additional cost.) by a local Control4 dealer. And pay another $100/year if you want mobile app options.

So not really an overlap with the Wink/ST market niche.

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GoControl WNK01-311KIT Z-Wave Premium Wink Enabled Security Kit $84 at Amazon

Credit to Slickdeals.


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Thanks for the tip. I picked up two PEQ water sensors on Ebay for $18.95 ea.

My local home depot (Illinois) has these on the shelf for 49$. Not sure if its a one off at this place or what, but might be worth checking.

Much like the old Lowes Iris, SOME HD are clearing out all their 2gig.Gocontrol kits at 50% off.

which store is that.

I bought mine at the store in Homewood by my work.

Monoprice.com on off plug advertised for 22% off

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Has anyone heard of the BloomSky weather stations? They are having a promo so you can get one for free (about $230) if you put one up for 6 months.

To keep this relevant, they do have an IFTTT channel… :wink:

I don’t work for them or anything, but I did order one, so we’ll see how it goes.

Edit: You do have to pay for shipping. Mine was $20 UPS.


Well I applied to host one as well, let;s see if I’m approved. Closest ones to me are all 30-50 miles away in each direction. They do have an open API for HA integration http://weatherlution.com/bloomsky-api/


How do you know if you win?

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