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[quote=“jcrissey, post:10, topic:34950”]candelabra LED bulbs[/quote]HD has these dimmable Phillips Candelabra for $7.97 nationally, and $2.97 in Massachusetts (choose store #2674):

They are 3.5W vs. the 2.5W.

They also have this 6 pack of TCP dimmables for $20.98 (4W each, though):

The home Depot in my area has philips slimstyle led bulbs for $2.97 each. They work well and dim nicely. They have local energy company rebate built in to reach that price.

Check your local utility company. Many have rebates, coupons, or bundle packs on dumb LEDs that will reduce the price significantly.

HD also has the dimmable 40W and 60W Phillips Blunt Tip Candle shape (B11) LEDs on sale at 50% off in Massachusetts. $3.97 for the 40W and $4.97 for the 60W, either E12 or E26 base.


Ace has a double sale right now on dumb FEIT dimmable LEDs. Sale goes through January 31.

Current price is $5.99 per bulb plus there is a mail in rebate of $3/bulb (limit 4)

A19, Color temperature 3000k, 800 lumens, dimmable LED


Mail in form:


If you have their rewards card, some stores have these available in store at the 2.99 price (5.99 minus the rebate) with no limit. So check your local ad. :sunglasses:

I picked this up from the iris booth at CES this week.

40% off the iris security pack
Coupon code 470000000013036


Skybell 2.0 on woot $99.00 again

It isn’t their newest model (the hd is) and has mixed amazon reviews.

D-Link DCS-930L daytime camera with some ST compatibility on clearance at Amazon $30.19

Details of ST function here.

Hmmmm, this is tempting! I guess the keypad could be worth the extra $10 over the Home Depot Go Control package.

do we need the physical CES coupon to get that 40% off deal?

Just FYI - GoControl motion has sensitivity adjustment. Iris does not.

Source: I have both sensors and pets. :neutral_face:

Nope. I just tried it in the app and it worked.

That is provided the keypad works with ST. I openly admit that I have NOT been following the new iris devices and the compatibility.

I have the keypad contact sensors and motion sensors already. All work great


App? a Lowes app? Not at all sure what you mean.

When you’re checking out at Lowes, plug the number Frank gave into the coupon/discount code spot. It will apply the 40% off before you finalize the transaction so you can be sure it worked. And thanks Frank!

Thanks. the pack isn’t available at my lowes, so I’ll have to see if the site will ship it

You can go to the Lowe’s site and order it for local pickup, coupon works for me.

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I was just picking up my bulb order at HD store #2674 and they had 3-packs of the 40W Phillips B11 with candelabra base for $4.97 (located near the lighting clearance area). Also showing up online: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Philips-40W-Equivalent-Soft-White-B11-Candelabra-Base-LED-Light-Bulb-3-Pack-458711/206404953

The Cree TW series candelabra 3-packs were also $4.97 in store, but I’m not seeing that price online.

I also found one of the Quirky Duplex Outlets in the clearance area for $13.03. When I had an associate check for other stock, the computer was returning a total of 3, but I couldn’t locate any others, so there may still be two hiding somewhere in the store.

The Iris Safe & Secure Kit and the Iris Comfort & Control Kit accept the 40% off coupon!!!

This is the best deal I have seen on this selection of items, and I have been trolling for it for a few months.

Coupon code 470000000013036

Good thru 2/8/16 but I would hurry to use it on Iris Comfort & Control Kit since this may be a mistake. The coupon does not list it.

I bought both on one order and saver over $90.

Thanks @metfoo (Frank) for finding this coupon!!!