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(Realy Living Dream) #131

Big Orange has the individual bloom “bulbs” for $59
Not as good as 2/$99 at BB , but still a fair deal

(fightingmajor) #133

Cheap phone with Lollipop to use for a wall controller or as a Speech/Alarm Device for $20.


Just got an extra Iris Home Automation Kit - CentraLite “Keypad”. Need a CentraLite or Ecolink Motion or Contact sensor. Anyone want to trade?

ETA: Will also trade for good Open/Close sensors.


They make great leak sensors, Add wires to the terminals. Change device type. That easy.

How to Use an Open/Closed Sensor as a Leak Detector
(Frank ) #138

Thanks for the heads up on the Manhattan Lowe’s iris deal! I just picked up the last of the sensors I need for all my doors and windows! It was free shipping, and I was able to stack a 10% iris coupon that Lowe’s had sent with the iris v2 hubs. It was almost buy 2 get 2 free!


Yeah, really easy hack. I use cloth covered floral wire so the entire length will be a trigger if any point gets wet not just the ends like a standard moisture sensor. Taped wire to an old yardstick and slid it under the washer for a larger monitored area.

How to Use an Open/Closed Sensor as a Leak Detector
(Stephen) #140

Bought two more GoControl kits today for $24 with the two open/close sensors and the motion. The kit with the alarm is $49. I didn’t realize they were still on sale.

(Jimmy) #141

Where at?

(20 char…)

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #142

Where are these on sale at?

(Stephen) #143

Home Depot. Just picked them up tonight.

(Jimmy) #144

damn, must be a local deal. Still full price in my area according to their website.

(Stephen) #145

You may be right. I went in today to buy a wink hub and they had two each of the kits.

(Kumar Mudedla) #146

@drake0508 Could you please tell me in which area you bought it ? Zip code ?

(Stephen) #148
  1. They are listed as online only though. You may have to go in and look


V1 Minomotes @ $20 again Amazon Prime

(Michael Hess) #151

Just had a fun conversation with Lowe’s Corporate. My order for the 40% off from CES was in Unknown status after it finally went through after two days of trying. The gentleman said they never offer 40% off coupons only 10% and got somewhat aggressive about saying any code like that will be denied on the website and orders won’t process as they are invalid.

The funny part, I was in Loveland CO this weekend and went into a Lowe’s and gave them the coupon code with one of each kit, and after the lady was stunned it went through, purchased without hassle.

Seems Lowe’s doesn’t even know what’s going on.

(fightingmajor) #152

Just got back from Home Depot. Nestcam’s, Ring Doorbell and Canary’s were all on clearance for $99 each.


I had a similar WTF experience with Lowes yesterday. I purchased an Iris Garage Door controller for $55 (Price match) from a Lowes 10 minutes from me. I then went to my local Lowes to exchange it. I produced the receipt and said I wanted to buy two more. The lady then said she dosn’t price match other Lowes. When I asked her to clarify, since three other Lowes confirmed they will price match within region, she wouldn’t budge. Was frsutrating, since three days before I was able to get a Lowes to price match another Lowes.

(Realy Living Dream) #154

I need to find your HD, nothing on sale/clearance around here. Well I take that back. I ordered the store’s entire stock of the old Hue Lux bulb “on sale” for $14 and when the daughter got home from picking up the order they had given her the new Hue white not the old Hue Lux that are on clearance.

(Ted) #155

Which area are you at? Nothing like that around Chicagoland.