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I was just able to order 6 more of the Iris contact sensors. $60.65 with tax.

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Rachio smart sprinkler systems 1st gen I would guess at HD for $60. Good feeling that will drop quickly though. I only grabbed one this time, anyone up for a trade?

Freaked out yesterday, Was in town and a notification the safe was open. 8
Ran home to find the everything locked. Magnet came lose and fell to the bottom.


The switch on my night stand fell off a few times, when I was away from home. Immediately proceeded to txt the wife in panic. lol

Same here Just check them and its back to 4 ?

I did this Automated Window Blinds - Spark Core works great I even have alexa working with it

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Got my 5 Iris contact sensors today, and went back to the well for more. I could only get 4 this time but I added a motion sensor and used the Renovo code to get them all for $67 delivered. I didn’t intend to use so many of these sensors but for $10 it’s hard to pass up.


This is a great project… I read the whole thread… Wondering if I should give a try :wink:

Just received 8 Iris Door sensors this morning, 2 to go!

Can you provide the zip of the HD where you saw this deal? Thanks.

My Lowe’s order from Chelsea is coming from four different locations. The closest shipper arrived today (this one is just the motion sensor - it sure is a cute little thing; hope it works).

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I had 8 sensors ship on Thursday about 2 hours from my house but it shows as label created on FedEx. Hoping they ship soon as I already got charged.

Don’t believe Lowe’s shipping info, check Fedex. Lowe’s said it shipped in 2 packages from RI. Fedex tracking showed 1 was picked up in NC and 1 in Maine LOL. They both got here , so I can’t complain.
For some " strange reason" I had to uninstall sync lights app. It wasn’t working consistently with the Osram cans anyways. I thought it was misfire from the PIR, but log showed PIR was working, but whenever it shut the lights off when motion stopped they would turn right back on ,one at a time. I removed the PIR trigger and it still happened when I shut them off through app. Removed light sync and it stopped so I put them back on PIR trigger and it isn’t happening.

Just received most of my sensors, still have 3 more Iris ones coming Tuesday. Hmm to order more? Think this deal will be changed soon? Haven’t even picked up my smartthings hub yet. Just getting bunch pieces.

Just went to buy more. Appears won’t let you do parcel shipping right now from Chelsea.

Any recommendations on the following for smartthings:

Dimmer switches need to but 3 switches side by side to control a bunch of can lights.

Oh yeah and hardwire smoke/co combo detector

I have 2 of the Schlage Camelot Touchscreens and can’t complain about them at all.


They are on to us…

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I just placed an order for 4 Iris Open/Close sensors and an Iris Motion sensor this morning for $62.82 after tax an $10 off coupon. The motion sensor has already shipped and the 4 Open/Close sensors are still “In Process”.

If they have caught on to us, I may have just made it in under the wire. :wink:

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I just got my shipment in (8 open/close and a motion), so if they have caught on, they are going to have to come fight me for them. Best of luck to everyone in getting their orders filled.

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Got a voice mail from Lowe’s Corporate. Please call about your lighting order. Ugh.