Pre-Purchase Question

Thinking about purchasing a SmartThings hub. Hoping that one or more of you can assure me that I wouldn’t have the same problem I had with an otherwise functioning VeraLite (Vera) hub which I’ve angrily thrown into the trash.

My VeraLite’s software was fully updated. It offered no way to delete, from its network and user interface, a device (switch, dimmer, whatever) which had gone dead and could no longer communicate. I had quite a few older Z-Wave modules go dead over the years, and VeraLite’s user interface was badly cluttered with these “failed devices”. I researched the Vera forum and found many other users complaining of the same flaw. Although this Vera model is an older one no longer offered, I consider this a fatal flaw which should have been fixed long ago.

Nope, but I can assure you that you will have different kinds of problems…

There’s no silver bullet with any DIY smart home hub IMHO.


Was it just a cluttered, unattractive user interface? Or did it cause problems for your setup?

If you’re that easily frustrated, chances are SmartThings is not for you either. :wink:


Wasn’t concerned with unattractiveness, but inconvenience. On the Web interface, with my desktop 'puter and large monitor, not a problem. But on the smartphone app, lots of scrolling, and often missed the device I was actually looking for. As a retired engineer, IT manager, and programmer, just really ticked me off to have to deal with a problem I am cetain would have been easy to fix.

Sounds like home automation in general is not ready for prime time.


I will agree with that statement. If it was ready for everybody people wouldn’t be so amazed when they walk in to your house & things just happen.

Back to the original question, there is a force delete to remove devices no longer responding to the hub.
You mention removing dead Zwave devices, so I’ll mention that you can also just replace a failed Zwave device with a new/different device through the app.

Ah, a force delete and a device replacement procedure, now those are encouraging words, thanks.

FYI, SmartThings doesn’t really have a web dashboard…