Pre-order address was old address. Can't change to new

(Andrew) #1

I have moved addresses since putting in my pre-order. Under “My Account” in the shop it will not let me change my address. I’ve tried both deleting my old and adding a new one, and editing the current one. Both methods result in the old address still being the one and only default address. This must be a design flaw in the website. I’m worried that my new hub is going to ship to my old address. Can anyone else confirm that you are not able to change your address under “My Account” in the shop?

(The fish is still dead.) #2

Have you contacted support? They’d be the only ones who could help you.

(Andrew) #3

Yes, I did a couple of days ago but haven’t heard back. I was hoping that someone from the company would see this post and help me out since it’s a time-sensitive issue.

(Shady ) #4

Try not to use their email support…it’s very slow, catch the chat while it’s working and you’ll do much better.