Powershades.com Pairing/handler

I just got my first Powershades.com shade and I’m already a little concerned. I ran across their site and it stated that they have ST integration. However, the only instructions I did receive were for pairing the remote. In the package there are several pieces of paperwork one of which directs you to a 404’d installation page and the other a youtube channel that doesn’t have installation instructions. I have a heck of a lot of windows to do and this was supposed to be the test for what I was going to use on the rest of the house.

Needless to say not off to a great start. Does anyone have these or have an idea of pairing procedures for them?

They submitted a device handler on the public SmartThings GitHub on August 1st. So they aren’t Works With SmartThings certified, but you could install this and give it a whirl

This may be a “shame on me then”. I’ve asked support for pairing instructions for their product and will post up the results. It would be a shame if they don’t integrate as their products do seem to be well made and perform as expected.

Ok I got a response from their support team. They are releasing a hub to handle the ST integration. Not what I was hoping for but also not the worst news. I’ll be happy if they deliver on the hub as I have about 40 or so windows to do!

still annoying they have false advertising on their website. I don’t see a “coming soon!” anywhere.