Power Socket with dimmer functionality

(Jon) #1

Can anyone recommend a power socket with dimmer function. Would like it to power and dim a table lamp. Don’t want to go down the Hue route as lamp has an SES socket and with a converter bulb sticks out too much and wouldn’t fit the wife’s aesthetical eye

(Wayne) #2

How about just buying an osram lightify e14 (ses) candle sized bulb from Amazon? I have a couple and are a reasonable £22 which will be cheaper than a dimmer socket. I have mine connected via Hue but pretty sure will connect direct to ST too.

(Jon) #3

will look at that, didn’t know they existed, thanks for the info

(Wayne) #4

Yes they don’t get mentioned much on these forums. They are a little larger than a normal bulb but they fit in my two lamps without protruding. About the same size as an old fashioned compact florescent e14 bulb.

(Bob) #5

How about a Popp Z-Wave outlet. I have one and it works OK.