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(Steve S) #85

After a few weeks, mine added “Lights”, “Always on”, another category or two, and then “Learning” - that lasted a few days, then they all went away and it was back to just Lights, Always on, and Learning.

I’ve emailed them but haven’t heard back.


I’ve been posting numbers to PlotWatt since October, and still have not seen anything other than “Always On” or “Learning”


Yeah, the usefulness is about to wear off really quickly just like the novelty - really not sure what the problem is at PlotWatt other than their business model pivoting toward restaurant consultations.

(Gw Krauss) #88

Hey Brian - I would really like to get my HEMv1 data on a graph so I can make use of it. I’ve googled and looked around only to find that graphs seem to be out of reach for those of us lacking the nerd power to make use of Github, etc. Words like “developer,” “code,” and “debug” mean totally different things for me than for those of you who can make things work. If you - or anyone else - might be able to walk me through how to get that data graphed, I bet a lot of other low-tech types would benefit too. Thanks!

(Gene LeSage) #89

anyone know how to combine 2 meters into one reading for plotwatt. I have 2 meters, both showing up under trends tab on plotwatt, but my overview tab only shows the results of meter 1. I have tried to contact plotwatt mutiple ways asking them to combine the meters, but I do not get a reply.


Just wanted to leave this here to avoid confusion for those setting up Plotwatt with the instructions from Github (I have an AEM v1, by the way).

  1. In the instructions here (, when he says API ID, he means the thing that is listed under “API_KEY” on this page: .
  2. The "house_id number on that plotwatt API docs page does not appear to have any use when setting up monitoring. I didn’t have to use it anyway.
  3. When the instructions say “This command, if successful, will return your new meter ID(s),” what he means is, at least for me on my Mac, there was a hard to notice 8-digit number in brackets right before the next prompt after you run that curl command. Make sure you don’t close that out! That’s the number you type into your phone after you get the SmartApp installed. It’s called the “Meter ID” in the Github instructions.

Hope this helps those newbies like me out there!

(Ed) #91


I got it working (sort of I think). I can see the live power on their portal but the log from the SmartApp returns:
error Forbidden @ line 82

Any ideas?

(Ed) #92

right, my mistake, I had an extra meter setup on the app.

(Anuj79) #93

hi i am trying to use thingspeak as plotwatt isnt available in my zipcode… has anyone else had luck using thing speak … i am using it for aeon smart switch with meter capabilities and thingspeaks needs some field names which i am not sure about … anyone has ideas…

(Brad) #94

So I just got this email from Plottwatt:

Dear PlotWatt Early Adopter,

We’re writing to let you know that PlotWatt is discontinuing its support for 3rd party residential energy monitors on March 31st, 2017.

In the past, PlotWatt has invited residential users to sign up and connect their TED, PowerCost Monitor, eGauge, and other meters with their web account, providing energy insights and appliance-level usage data.

At PlotWatt, we are personally and passionately committed to saving energy and protecting the Earth and our natural resources. As our product has evolved, we realized we could make the most significant impact on efficiency in commercial and retail buildings, where energy waste often goes unnoticed. Every time we add a new business customer location, the waste remediation is equivalent to removing 4 average American homes from the grid!

In order to focus our efforts on these business and utility partnerships, we will no longer accept data from 3rd Party residential energy monitors, and will close down access to our legacy energy dashboard.

If you would like to keep a record of your data, you can find a ‘Download’ button on the Trends tab of your dashboard. Select a date range and download your usage data in GreenButton format.

Thank you so much for being an early-adopter, and thank you for proactively pursuing energy efficiency for your home. Every kWh counts.

Your friends at PlotWatt


Yeah, I just got that too :frowning: Now I have some more impetus to get my local graphing solution implemented :stuck_out_tongue:

Any other charting / graphing solutions out there? Other than GroveStreams?


(Michael Hess) #97

(Larry) #98

plot watt is dead… no more public usage… need to look at replacement

(Brian) #99

Initialstate. Still going strong.

(codersaur) #100

I put a round up here:


Thanks, I just followed your guide to set up a grafana / influxdb install on my Ubuntu server. Looking really good so far, and best of all, no more annoying limits or fees since it’s self hosted!

(Jason) #102

Hello, the link above for the DTH you are using is not wroking is there a new one?

(Tony B.) #103

Does anyone know

why I’m getting this error?

I understand that the API isn’t keyed right, but it happens no matter what I do.

(Mike) #104

Maybe turn on live logging in the IDE and watch it when you save . Might give you a better idea what’s going on.