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Power/Energy Monitoring?



I isolate my IOT devices on their own Wi-Fi network, they don’t share space with laptops or game stations. :sunglasses:

And for comparison, Netflix streams at 4,800,000 bytes per second.

In contrast, your Z wave or zigbee energy reporting device is probably transmitting less than 25 bytes per second.

So it’s just not going to be a problem for a Wi-Fi network even if you outfit your whole house with Wi-Fi IOT reporting devices. :bulb::bulb::bulb::bulb::bulb:

(Allan) #22

Just a aside: I converted all my home lights to LED over the last year with a mix of Cree TW series and Phillips warm glow bulbs. Everyone one of them, about 50 bulbs total. The bulbs range from 6 to 8.5w so on average if I turned on every single light I’d be around 350. Just plugged my non-LEd Christmas tree into a SmartThings outlet and turned it on. 396 watts.

Gonna look for a new LED tree after Christmas when they all go on clearance…


What are good recommendations for inexpensive energy reporting that won’t flood the network? I have a couple centralites which once I realized how much traffic they send (not to mention the activity feed) I unplugged them. Really just want 2 (for 2 TVs) that I can use to identify when people are watching and adjust the light handling accordingly. My wife sits exceedingly still when watching TV and the lights turn off on her.

(Kirk Hilzinger) #24

Interesting. However I have read through all the manuals on the web site and I do not see any indication as to whether or not it can distinguish loads on the reporting software. I know several whole home power monitoring devices are looking at signatures of power consumption to differentiate between things like a microwave, vacuum, A/C, Furnace, iron, radio, TV, etc.

I do like the ability to monitor each branch circuit individually. For instance, I can see how much my bedroom 1 and 2 are drawing, or my living room/dining room area, my overhead lights on the first floor, etc.

I see a Zigbee radio option…shame I do not see an integration with SmartThings.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #25

The Centralites are completely capable of reducing their Power Event reporting frequency!

You just have to use a DTH that sends appropriate ZigBee HA configuration parameters. I think there’s either a maximum frequency setting (i.e., minimum time between events) and/or a threshold setting.

I think this is a reference to DTH source code that will do this for you (everything is a moving target on this Forum… needs a Wiki… oh… needs people to use the Wiki…):


Thanks, I’ll give that a try. I have been poking around those threads but wasn’t sure if it was actually changing the device config or just hiding stuff from the activity feed which wouldn’t help network congestion.

(Steve White) #27

Have you been snooping around my system?? :grin: I personally like the frequent updates, but agree that reports measured in tenths of watts are not of much use. I find the energy reports useful around the holidays in detecting when an excessive number of lightbulbs in our various Christmas displays have failed. :rofl:

(Ron Talley) #28

@IGI, This is my next project and you have inspired me! What App are you using to log energy usage? I mainly want to set up my EV Car and AV System(s). I would like to see how much we are spending on charging the car and entertainment. Well…I kinda know already because I have been manually logging the info but would love to see it as you have it displayed above.


(IG) #29

WebCore :
You will enjoy it. Many guys there posting examples for great things.
As far as hardware, I’m using mostly Aeon and ZOOZ.
I don’t know how to setup your car measure (don’t know how its connected)…


As I was worried about it looks like it’s just controlling what gets reported to the feed. When I loaded the handler and adjusted the threshold it did correctly filter the feed. When I looked at the current usage in ST it was still ticking every few seconds with incremental changes. Is there something else I need to do?

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #31

Which exact handler are you using?

Ummmm… sorry to be vague on this, but I’m trying to give a quick answer and hope you can fill in the blanks, because I’m a little swamped.

But then again, this isn’t the most urgent thing in the world.

So… here’s a few lines from my Handler that clearly set the firmware configuration to make the Device report less frequently. Notice that “simple” standard ZigBee config clusters are being sent. If the right values are used, and the Device accepts them, then it should have the result you desire…

def configure() {
    /* Call configure using raw zdo bind and zcl clusters. */
	zigbee.onOffConfig() + powerConfig() + refresh()
    /* Call zigbee.configureReporting() method. */
    //powerConfigST() + refresh()

//power config for devices with min reporting interval as 1 seconds and reporting interval if no activity as 10min (600s)
//min change in value is 01
def powerConfig() {
    log.debug "powerConfig send..."
    /* Per ZigBee Cluster Library Specification, Page ~26-27 of this or later doc:
       Direction, Attribute identifier, Attribute data type, Minimum reporting interval, Maximum reporting interval, Reportable change
		"zdo bind 0x${device.deviceNetworkId} 1 ${endpointId} 0x0B04 {${device.zigbeeId}} {}", "delay 200",
        /* From Forum post, 6400 / 6401 supposed to be 1 hour reporting -- but why not 2600? */
        //"zcl global send-me-a-report 0x0B04 0x050B 0x29 6400 6401 {64 0000}",	//The send-me-a-report is custom to the attribute type for CentraLite
        /* Using 120 instead of 6400 results in 2 minutes, though isn't that the min instead of max? Gotta experiment with both min and max. */
		"zcl global send-me-a-report 0x0B04 0x050B 0x29 300 300 {64 0000}",	
		"send 0x${device.deviceNetworkId} 1 ${endpointId}", "delay 500"

def powerConfigST() {
	log.debug "powerConfigST (zigbee.configureReporting) send..."
    /* Attempting 3600 = 1 hour maximum reporting interval. 600 = Five minutes minimum reporting interval. 0 = minimum change. */
    zigbee.configureReporting(0x0B04, 0x050B, 0x29, 3600, 600, 1)

(Ron Talley) #32

Link doesn’t really point to exactly what you are using…

I’m a user and one of the 1st on the webCoRE forums! I love those guys!

Using an Iris Plug to measure power usage from the car charger…

Thanks again!


I ended up using the one in the the InstantTim link you originally noted. The link I used is below. Will check out your code snippet tomorrow. For some reason I really struggle to read the ST App/Handler code even though I’ve done coding in other languages before.

(IG) #34


I got the Aeotec HEM G5. So far I like it. There’s a few things however that I am wondering. The device handler that I have seen available for it, what is it for. I paired it with Smartthings just fine. There is one thing I cant figure out. It looks like there is a way to reset the Energy (kwh), but when I press reset nothing happens. Just wondering if I am missing something.

(Alfredo Ollivierre) #38

How can I get these screens on my setup?

(IG) #39


Actually it IT IS the small stuff that adds up and is under the radar that chews up your bill. I cut my bill by 30% by adding smart switch’s.

I had speakers that used 10 watts on standby. I had 5 of them. That was 50 watts 24x7 and used a lot of juice. Computers on standby is another one. Some are better than others.

A lot of the big stuff tends to not run that long. Like say a washing machine.

You need to look at everything and do the math. It can save you a lot without to much cost or inconvenience.


I’m eyeing the Gen5 from Aerotec to figure out the energy vampires in my house.

Any other suggestions/thoughts/reviews on this product or others? How was the install?

(Ron Talley) #42

I have a bunch of Iris Smart Plugs. Sooooo much usage from things on standby or just not being turned off. If it’s plugged up in my home, it more than likely has an Iris (HEM) on it.