Power drops below / raise does not seems to be working with negative numbers

I have some device power which I’m trying to create a rule when it goes below a certain threashold but every time, the rule evaluate my condition as false. I’ve even tried both raise and drop and the condition in both cases is not being met. I this a bug or just me that doesn’t know how to use it?

I’m using WebCore v0.3.110.20191009 (which is latest version I believe)


‘Drops below -500W’ is a trigger condition and can only be true if the previous value of power was -500W or above. So what was the previous value?

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Just to add @orangebucket’s question. Your example show the value -730 compared to -500, that is lower (below) -500, but dropped and raised are triggers, so it has to pass from one side to the other of -500, ie. drops below -500 will trigger if the previous value was -400 and the current value is -730. If your values all below -500, ie. -600 changes to -730,it will not trigger as it is already below -500, and not currently dropped.

@GSzabados : I see, thanks for the explanation. So if I want to only trigger everytime it goes bellow -500, I would need to use a condition instead of a trigger correct?

Also, is there a way to trigger a condition based on the previous value minus or plus 5 watts for example? ie: if the previous value is 100, i want to trigger it if it goes below 95 or higher than 105, if the value was 200, i want to trigger it if the new value is 195(or less) or 205 (or more). Basically, what ever value was there, if there is a 5 watts change. I believe the the trigger remain outside of range need an absolute value so might not work for me? Any way to achieve what I want?