Power Consumption with etekcity or SmartLife WiFi Outlets?

I have several eTekcity outlets that I use with SmartThings, and they work fine. They have a built-in function for power consumption. I can read that through their app, but see no way to get to it from SmartThings. I am able to control them with a virtual switch; however, that is clunky to keep in sync. Right now SmartThings says the switch is off, and if it were my monitors would be off.

Similarly, I am looking at “Smart Life”-controlled outlets, which also measure power consumption.


  1. Is it possible to read power consumption from eTekcity outlets within SmartThings?
  2. Is it possible to read power consumption from “Smart Life” devices that support the functionality?
  3. Are there device handlers for either of these?

Wait for the Globe Suite integration which should bring Tuya devices to the new SmartThings app.


There is a custom device handler, but it doesn’t support power consumption yet. The API makes the power stats available but I haven’t figured out how to get that data into SmartThings.