Power Allowance For AC Units

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How would I set a Daikin Split unit using Daikins wireless interface to auto turn off after 6pm and if someone turns it on between hours 6PM to 8AM it should turn off after 30 minutes?

Something like power allowance I did with the lights.

There’s no native integration between your a/c’s wireless interface and SmartThings. So you’ll have to improvise, as many of us have done before.

Try searching the forum for posts related to a/c’s (click the magnifying glass at the top of the page), or check the community wiki, http://thingsthataresmart.wiki

Let’s just say I have a ecobee thermostat. How would I do that power allowance on that?

If thermostat is set to cool (or heat) before 6pm, you might be able to use smartlighting to turn it off at 6pm if the thermostat supports the capability “switch.” Smart lighting is intended to work with light/fan/appliance switches and bulbs, but there are several kinds of device handlers that can use that capability to work with smart lighting.

If the switch capability really does work, maybe the power allowance does too.

But does your mini split connect to an ecobee?


I’ve responded to you in the Flair devices thread. With My Ecobee device, you can use the ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule smartapp which can orchestrate your main thermostat’s cooling/heating setpoints (ecobee) with all your window/split/portable heaters/coolers in your rooms using the Flair HVAC unit DTH for more comfort & energy savings in your home.

  • You can then configure your rooms/zones/schedules and the smartapp will take care of the rest with its built-in logic.

  • The smartapp can adjust your unit’s fan speed based on the temp differential in the zoned rooms (based on your ST connected temp sensors)

  • The smartapp can turn automatically on/off your unit based on your scheduled zones during the day.

  • You can even specify a temp delta for each zone to make some rooms cooler or hotter depending on your requirements.

These are the most advanced zoned heating/cooling smartapps under ST.


If you check out flair, make sure you really look into how well it’ll integrate with your mini splits.

I have window a/c’s, so far flair hasn’t integrated with them well. Friedrich is a pretty major brand and they say they support it.

I haven’t paid for yves’ device handler yet since I only use my a/c’s in the summer and I figure I might as well wait to see how Flair’s doing next summer.

Getting window units controlled by ST is a pain overall.

After doing some research it’s not gonna work with ecobee. I gotta use one of these IR to wifi bridges. Something Like the flair puck device.

Can you please elaborate on this? [quote=“marktheknife, post:4, topic:105699”]
but there are several kinds of device handlers that can use that capability to work with smart lighting.

Here’s an explanation on the use of custom code in ST, which describes device handlers.

If the code for a device handler includes the capability “switch,” then it should be possible to use it in smart lighting.

Smart lighting works with switches, but some other devices can look like switches as far as smartlighting is concerned if the device handler code is written appropriately. For example I have a z-wave doorbell, but since it has the switch capability in the device handler code, every time the doorbell button is pushed, the “switch” turns on and then off, like a momentary switch.

I don’t actually know anything about programming languages, so I can’t actually explain how the code is written.

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As I wrote to you earlier, with the Flair puck (IR Setup) and My HVAC unit DTH, you can control not only your unit based on the switch capability, but also as a thermostat (to manage its setpoints, unit mode and fan mode). My DTH implements both switch and thermostat capabilities for more flexibility.

You see see the list of capabilities and commands here



That explains it well! Thanks