Power allowance app sending streams

(Solardave1) #1

I have an aeon motion (&a ST motion) setup to urn on he a/c when I enter my garage and the power allowance app setup to send an off command 60 minutes after a “garage a/c switch on command”. I see in the device logs that the power allowance log shows it issuing an off command every few minutes all night long. There was no motion in the garage and the a/c switch has maintained an off state all night yet the app is issuing the off command all night long - seems to be pages of log entries showing the app issuing the command. Anyone??

(Chrisb) #2

Hmm… a long shot, but how is the app(s) configured? Is the power allowance just looking for a ‘turn on’ command or is it looking for motion from the garage triggering the switch? Is it possible that repeated motion happening when you come up is queueing up a large number of off commands?

Another long shot possibility: I recently discovered that I had a number of Ghost programs running. I’d installed a program in the simulator to test something and navigated away from the page without uninstalling it. The program was still running. Played massive havoc with my Wireless 3-way.

(Solardave1) #3

It’s just looking for a turn on switch command which is tripped by the one or bothe or either motion detectors. The stream of power off commands that were sent occured overnight when the garage was locked up tight. I’ve disabled most if the other devices and removed most apps recently so there’s very little else going ONI the system. This particular conk has been stable since day one. Can’t figure out what’s causing it.

(Adam H) #4

This is an old topic but I experienced this issue with Power Allowance and eventually found the cause, so I thought I would share it for posterity.

In the Power Allowance app they subscribe to the switch on event with “FilterEvents = off”. I can’t find documentation on that option so I don’t fully understand all the dynamics of it, but it allows some type of heartbeat signal from the switch to trigger the event in addition to the switch “on” event. This manifests itself as repeated event executions you see. Removing the FilterEvents option from the subscribe method fixes this issue right up.

I created my own Power Allowance because I did not like how the “on” event executions stacked for each switch press. I used “runIn(time, handler)” instead of “.delay(time)” to prevent the stacking, but the heart beat event triggers I described above ended up pushing my handler execution out indefinitly if the “time” setting was more than a few minutes. I also added a “switch off” handler to cancel any pending exeuctions if the switch was manually turned off before the automatic turn off occurs.

Removing FilterEvents and using RunIn gives you a Power Allowance app that reflects what the intent of the original was.