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@RafaelAntonio2022 you keep asking Mariano to add these Tuya devices and I think he’s explained why they don’t work with Mc drivers. Someone else is doing Tuya devices, please search the community.

@RafaelAntonio2022 Sure, if you put “tuya soil sensor” into the search feature of the ST community forum, it will give you 6 results, the first result has the Edge driver. My advice first before buying a sensor, especially from China, is to search user reports of the sensor in question, unless it’s a new sensor and you want to experiment. I bought 2 of these soil sensors, I can tell you they are not accurate or reliable, and they spam your Zigbee network by sending reports every 5/10 seconds. I am not using them.


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I think they are included in the stock driver.

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I have got another Qubino relay, any chance you can add this fingerprint to

Z-Wave Switch Mc

when you get a minute.

I will give this a look, thanks!

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Hi @uncledaveghr

This device is in stock smartthings driver.
It will be migrated automatically, if you wants install now is in my zigbee switch Mc and stock beta zigbee switch drivers

#   - id: 0159/0002/0051
#     deviceLabel: Qubino Switch
#     manufacturerId: 0x0159
#     productType: 0x0002
#     productId: 0x0051
#     deviceProfileName: qubino-flush2-relay

Working on them this weekend. Should have something to beta test next week!


Qubino relay is z-wave device
Cheers Dave

Im also looking for the Homeseer FLS1000+ I use this sensor to trigger all my outside lights.
My info is the same: (zw:L type:0701 mfr:000C prod:0201 model:000B ver:1.04 zwv:5.03 lib:03 cc:5E,85,59,55,86,72,5A,73,9F,6C,7A,71,25,31,70,30), I am using the DTH from HomeSeer.

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Just as @philh30 says, only range extender cabability, but somehow I will hope we would be able to see route for a device in a webpage like interface as it is in groovy IDE, then you will be able to see if your extender works.

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Of course, Los but so do I. The other day I said that I don’t think it works, because I put an extender next to another device but it continues to disconnect