Post Requests for Zigbee Edge Drivers Here (community-created)

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Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo
Added fingerprint works for Vendor _TZ3210_sroezl0s
Color temperature seems fixed at 4000 K as stated in specs (slider have no effect)
Color control works
(Color Changing) mode, when ON works

Thakyou again

Hi @rubberduck72

Changed to level-rgb profile in this driver version

│ Name        │ Zigbee Light Multifunction Mc        │
│ Version     │ 2022-09-01T18:26:11.505815301        │

  - id: "_TZ3210_sroezl0s/LIDL"
    deviceLabel: LIDL TS0504B
    manufacturer: _TZ3210_sroezl0s
    model: TS0504B
    deviceProfileName: level-rgb

Could you please provide a summary/guide on how to actually install your linked edge drivers onto my hub?

@BarryA AMAZING! I have been waiting for this. Thank you so much for your work. Does this allow control of multiple bulbs as a group? Do you have a channel invite link or how do I go about installing this?

Any updates on the Homeseer leak sensor
LS100+ Water Sensor edge drivers?

The driver in the beta channel for ST edge worked for me. It doesn’t support temperature reporting though.

Got a couple of these IKEA zibee repeater

Maybe someone could look into add this

Seems so, I’ll then waite for great transition

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Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo

How can you create a driver for this Ikea shortcut button?

Hi @Helder_Rodrigues

Other users have already asked for the same thing.
I don’t know how to make that driver for this device, sorry

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Thank you, I figured it would be more complicated than I was assuming.

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I use the Zigbee Range Extender of the beta channel from samsung. It recognized the extender, but I have no way of knowing if it actually works well or not.
Channel and Drivers Web UI

Did you ask it because you didn’t know it was there or because you already know it doesn’t work well and you would like a specific one?

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The ones I have is on the stock “Zigbee Range Extender” DTH and they do the job as expected. Yes I didn’t know of the fingerprint already was added to the new stock edge driver, so I believe they will work as well after the transistion and I’m not part of beta program, so I have not tried any of the stock beta edge drivers

EDGE beta drives are available to everyone, just allow access to the hub and then select the desired drive, delete the extender in dh and search for it again, it will be inserted in edge. Try it, so you can tell me if it works.

The driver or DTH for a range extender does nothing that effects the range extender’s performance. If it’s part of your mesh then it should be doing its job, even if it only shows as a Thing in ST. If you have any that are currently on a DTH, I would just leave them be until ST automatically migrates them. Manually migrating them to Edge will disrupt your mesh while gaining you nothing.


TP-Link/LIFX driver invite for those interested:


Wow I was just coming to this thread to look at the github links to try and see how I can create a channel invite to the drivers, and you’ve done it. Haha thanks!

So I enrolled and installed the driver, did a scan, and instantly all my Kasa switches showed up - 3x HS200, 3x HS220, and 2x HS210. They function, though they’re surprisingly slow, particularly when controlled through the app. In routines they seem about the same speed as the cloud connection with TP-link (which I still have linked), although sometimes they take a noticeably longer time to respond (when interacted with multiple times in quick succession).

Anyway, I think it’s incredible that a) this is even possible and b) it worked so seamlessly right away.

App runs through cloud. That whybit is slower. In routines, if run locally, they work pretty fast.

Honeywell Home Wi-Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detector

(This would be awesome, wasn’t able to find this driver yet but if anyone has seen it and able to point me in the right direction)