Post Requests for LAN/WIFI Edge Drivers Here (community-created)

Yes, fat fingered my keyboard. Its a wifi device different than anything else Aqara makes.

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It has a lot of functional similarities to the previous generation, the FP1, although that was a zigbee device, not Wi-Fi. It’s definitely an improvement over the FP1, but they do have a lot of similarities as well.

Govee home integration would be great. Used to work with a key, I was able to get a scene going with a motion detected. Now nothing :frowning:

Govee has some new models which are Matter-compatible. Those should work with smartthings without requiring any custom code.

As far as other models, those use Wi-Fi, not Z wave, so I have moved your post to the appropriate thread.

Ah! Sorry, my bad. I do believe that it is wifi. Thanks for the info and for putting me into the right place! :slight_smile:

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Always remaining hopefull as knowledge and experience grows with the developers, a Heatmiser thermostat Lan integration would be appreciated

I have a version of this that I made in my personal time and made available as a special extra for SharpTools premium members. Feel free to PM me over in the SharpTools community and I can add you to the private group. :slight_smile:


I am a huge fan of the FP2.
Put the work in on manually mapping your layout, tweak a few settings and follow a few tips then you can really nail it.

I have mine running fine in Google Home where it brings over zones. Less so on SmartThings.

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How did you get ST to work with Aqara FP2?

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Hi all,

Recently started my ST journey after using a Athom Homey since 2016. Most of my devices are sensors such as Aqara/Xiaomi and, after getting the hang of using Edge drivers, are working fine. Bit shocked about the crap Tuya integration which isn’t great but got it working by making Tuya scenes and connecting them to virtual switches.

What I cannot find unfortunately is a way to connect my Youless LS120 P1 energy meter. I can find some older posts on this forum dating from 2017/2018 but no recent posts involving Edge drivers. Is there anyone who might know if there is a way to integrate this simple but very good energy meter?

Thanks in advance!! :slight_smile:

It looks like it would be pretty simple to integrate via a custom driver. You might also be able to get away with using just my webrequestor driver if you’re needing to get just a single value. DM me and I’m happy to help.


For everyone else’s awareness, I now have a Youless LS120 energy meter driver available on my shared projects channel.

Github link here.


I took a quick look at this today. Looks like it would take some effort, but seems do-able. The question I would have is, are there any others who would be interested?

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Heatmiser is quite popular in the UK, you can see the old groovy DTH thread had over 20,000 reads. :thinking:

Thank you Tod and i completely understand your stand point

I have posted in the old Heatmiser thread to see if it is of interest to past and present posters and users


Any chance someone can build an edge driver for Hubspace branded lights? This is Home Depot’s line of smart products.

Hubspace devices are controlled via a cloud based platform, controlling these via Edge would require either direct cloud to cloud integration created by Home Depot and ST, or a custom proxy service running on a server on the local LAN.

You may be able to use hubspace devices in homekit, then create virtual switches in ST and mirror them together using whatever routines make the most sense.

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Thanks. I’m doing that currently except using Alexa as the ‘middle man’. I had hoped it would be possible to build something similiar to what is being done with Tplink/Kasa devices where an Edge driver is being used for local control, but does not require any seperate devices to run proxy etc.

The Kasa devices are unique among the wifi smart device landscape to support local control (outside of homekit of course). Most of the others (meross, etc) don’t either.

just wondering if its possible to get Abode security hubs to work with smartthings? i saw that theirs a driver for hubitat. wondering if there was a genious out there that can use the hubitat driver and convert it to edge?