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It will use a custom groovy DTH in preference to an edge Driver during this transition phase. You have to delete the custom groovy DTH to keep it from being used. (Again, the transition FAQ explains the priority sequence.) note, however, that if you delete the custom groovy DTH, you will not be able to get it back again. :thinking:

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Thank you very much @JDRoberts! That was my issue, it was using a custom DTH. Working with new driver now.

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Thanks @Mariano_Colmenarejo

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Im also missing the Daikin Edge Driver, would be brilliant if someone could port it to Edge.

im looking for a driver for a smart meter. Smartmeter by (β€œgateway_model”:β€œsmartgateways_smartmeter_gateway_sweden_version-b”)
I know it works with HA and homey but it would be great to have it in my ST.
Here is i link to the device. Slimme meter wifi gateway -
I could not find a Fingerprint for it.

I’ll second this request.

I also have this Namron 4-ch button (Manual: 4-Ch button manual), I’m pretty sure it must be close in functionality to other buttons. Really appreciate if anyone have any button drivers and want to take a stab at adapting to this?
The complete fingerprint is:

zw:Ss2 type:1801 mfr:0438 prod:0300 model:A305 ver:1.28 zwv:5.03 lib:03 cc:5E,55,98,9F,6C sec:86,85,8E,70,5B,59,72,5A,73,80,84,7A

Thanks :slight_smile:

@Mariano_Colmenarejo It’s possible to add this β€œZigbee Touch Switch 3 Gang”

manufacturer: _TZ3400_key8kk7r
model: TS0043

Thanks for all the help!

Is anyone talented at making an edge driver for daikin ductless?

Hi @Cesar_Novo

This switch does not work with my driver

Ask @erickv or @ygerlovin to add it to their drivers

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Hi @teo78 @Aleksander_Nordlien

Try this to see if it works.

It has been added as an 8 button multibutton and battery.
They will be seen in the app as 8 independent buttons with which you can make use for actions"pushed", β€œdown_hold”
If β€œdown_hold” not works could be that manual refer to β€œheld” action instead β€œdown_hold”. I can change it
These work with association group 1

The functions for the association groups 2 to 5, that work as 4 channels, can be configured from the physical button according to the manual and using the Z-Wave Device Config Mc driver.

 Name         Z-Wave Button Mc
 Version      2023-01-28T11:25:09.210386849        
- id: Namron/4kanal
    deviceLabel: Namron 4kanal
    manufacturerId: 0x0438
    productType: 0x0300
    productId: 0xA305
    deviceProfileName: multi-button-8
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I’m looking for a better edge driver for my Third Reality leak sensor (zigbee). It was migrated to a default one that detects motion and shows the battery level, but when I first installed the device using the old driver technology, it also had the ability to turn the built in siren on and off and you could turn on the siren as an action in an automation as well. Shortly before Edge rolled out, that ability just disappeared (I’m guessing to make it easier to migrate to a standard leak sensor Edge driver). So, I’m looking for a driver to restore the original functionality, as it allowed me to trigger the siren if a leak was detected on a different sensor that doesn’t have a built in siren. Here is info from the website shows the CLI information:

And here is the info from ide, but not sure. if that is helpful since it is already migrated to Edge


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I’ve only ever used a hub with Edge but I read of an app that in IDE/Groovy times gave in one place a reading of all battery states. Could it be possible to have a driver that groups all sensor battery states ( those on the same driver I suppose)?

On the Smartthings Favorite page you can click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner. Then click on show Status Information. Finally, click on to show status information.

This will provide a grouping in the top row of favorites with all open contact sensors, a grouping of all battery devices that are low on battery power and the current weather.

This might provide what you need.


Just got a sonoff extreme mini zbmini-l zigbee no neutral switch to experiment with.
Looks well made and is very small.
However when I connect to SmartThings it’s detected as a Zwave controller ? :thinking:
Anyone any ideas why? Or better yet have an edge driver for this?
It’s definitely a zigbee device the zb prefix of the device model confirms this.

The Zigbee Mini switches from Sonoff I have run with the Zigbee Switch Mc driver. Do you have this driver installed? Precisely I am on the point of ordering a couple of these…

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I do have that driver installed, but the zbminil2 extreme won’t usie that driver that when I do the pairing.

I already have 2 zbmins in use (larger non extreme , requires neutralversion) and they use the zigbee switch Mc driver fine.

Hi @Declankh

Added to this driver version

 Name         Zigbee Switch Mc
 Version      2023-01-30T22:17:40.02401519
    deviceLabel: SONOFF Switch
    manufacturer: SONOFF
    model: ZBMINIL2
    deviceProfileName: single-switch