Post Requests for Edge Drivers Here (community-created)

Hi @mariano_colmenarejo,

Thank you very much for your trouble, it works fine.

Much Appreciated

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Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo Please add the fingerprint of my gas sensor.

Thank You

Hi @sthubman

Added to this driver version

 Name         Zigbee Smoke/CO Detector Mc
 Version      2022-11-17T12:32:11.826656258        
  - id: "HEIMAN/GASSensor-EF-3.0"
    deviceLabel: HEIMAN Gas Detector
    manufacturer: HEIMAN
    model: GASSensor-EF-3.0
    deviceProfileName: smoke

@nayelyz Any updates on Kwikset Lock Edge drivers? Seems like the stock edge driver (or Smart Guest Lock) is very limited and doesn’t have a way to program codes (unless I am totally missing it).

Hi, can you please tell me how to install it? Found the Github files, but don’t see any channel invite link.
Thank you!

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I received an email from SmartThings yesterday and they informed me that I have to wait for the Gocontrol integration to happen automatically.

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Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo
I see that deviceProfileName for TS0504B has changed to level-rgb, I can not change from rgb to white level any more.
It was originally as stated above: rgbw-level-colortemp-2700-6500, but white level is fixed to 4000 in TS0505B
Possible you could change it back?

Hi @rubberduck72

Sorry, I have not seen when this was changed.
Fixed in this version

 Name         Zigbee Light Multifunction Mc            
 Version      2022-11-20T10:41:45.082552901        
  - id: "_TZ3210_sroezl0s/LIDL"
    deviceLabel: LIDL TS0504B
    manufacturer: _TZ3210_sroezl0s
    model: TS0504B
    deviceProfileName: rgbw-level-colortemp-2700-6500
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I have switches by TechniSat, all of them Z-Wave. I don’t know if they’ll be auto-ported or if it needs a community driver, so I just wanted to add these to the list of requests.

  1. TechniSat Z-Wave Shutter/Blinds Controller:
  2. TechniSat Z-Wave Switch:

There are also other switches by them: 3779 (multi-way switch) and 3798 (dimmer) that are similar products made by them.

Would these work with default drivers, are there community drivers for these, or what is going to happen?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I have 3 kwikset locks… 2 zwave and one zigbee. All 3 on edge drivers and can prram codes on all 3 using smart lock guest access app

Hi, is anyone already working on an Edge driver for the Eurotronic Spirit Z-Wave thermostat? Currently, the Thermostat is still recognized as a dimmer switch and cannot be operated.

Hi! Is that possible to add these 2 zigbee drivers?

1. Zemismart zigbee Blind

It uses the DTH with the following code:

2. Aquara Motion Sensor

It uses the DTH with the following code:

Thanks a lot!

I have a Leviton VRMX1-1LZ (Leviton VRMX1-1LZ VIZIA RF PLUS MLV DIMMER | Graybar Store). Currently the only drivers available to it on my hub are SmartThings β€œZ-Wave Virtual Momentary Switch” and the SmartThings Drivers (Beta) β€œZ-Wave Switch,” but none of these is allowing proper programatic control of the device. Is there another driver that anyone is aware of? Thanks!

I’m surprised it doesn’t work with the (Beta) zwave switch driver. The device looks like a standard zwave multilevel device. When set to this driver, what does it do/not do?

I agree it is odd, because it worked in the Groovy DTH, the only difference I would say from a β€œstandard” multilevel device is there is only a single push button that toggles between on and off instead of two separate buttons.

In the Beta Z wave switch driver the dimmer value fails to read properly when adjusted manually on the device, and the on/off toggle in the app doesn’t work or works sporadically. It’s odd because it used to appear to work fine. I’m going to delete it and add it back to see if it’s a communication issue.

Edit: Removal and tradition didn’t help. Now the device won’t communicate to the hub.

If you deleted from the app without excluding it, then it won’t be paired to the hub correctly.

  1. Exclude using zwave tools in the hub 3 dot menu.
  2. Include via scan nearby or add by brand.

Do you have a link to the Groovy DTH? Is it on github somewhere? Or email me a copy.

When I state that I deleted and added back I did exactly as you indicated above. I excluded the device and repaired it.

The device ID is 001D-0602-0334, and the DTH can be found at the link below.

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Unless I’m searching wrong or completely missing it, I have yet to find an Edge driver for Gocontrol WAPIRZ-1.
zw:S type:2001 mfr:014F prod:2002 model:0203 ver:4.84 zwv:3.67 lib:06 cc:71,85,80,72,30,86,31,70,84

I’m also not seeing anything for Inovelli NZW36
zw:Ls type:1001 mfr:015D prod:2400 model:2400 ver:5.01 zwv:4.61 lib:06 cc:5E,55,98,9F sec:86,72,5A,85,59,73,25,27,70,5B,71,8E,6C role:05 ff:9D00 ui:9D00

would it be posible to have a driver for the sonoff zigbee hub so it could be used localy with smartthings as a repeater etc?