Post Requests for Edge Drivers Here (community-created)

Hey all, just wanted to post an update on the Qubino devices. I reached out to Qubino and they indicated that they are actively working on Edge Drivers for their devices and will have them done before Groovy is shut down. I use a ton of them, so hopefully this will help comfort anyone else who was as nervous as I was about loosing the use of these amazing devices.


With the great resources here in the Community I think I have successfully migrated over all my Zooz z-wave devices to Edge drivers and everything (my automations) appears to be working. I still have my Kwikset zigbee and z-wave locks as well as one Sengled zigbee open/close sensor yet to go (other devices are wifi cloud based) but I have not found any specific manufacturer supported Edge drivers on the channels I have looked at. If there are not any by the time the ST migration is complete will ST just use some type of generic Edge driver? These devices are tied to simple automations such as time controlled lock doors or turn on a light (open/close sensor). That being the case will the generic Edge driver still work?

Qubino Flush relays appear to be fully supported by “Z-Wave Switch” in the community-created Edge drivers. The channel is here. (I have two Flush 2.)

The only trick is that to access the second relay in the Flush 2 by name (i.e. with Google Assistant) you need to create a virtual switch and synchronize it with the Flush 2 “Switch2” using four routines, or a virtual switch mirror device driver. This may change before general release…

I It looks like Temperature Sensor support is in process - see e.g. this pull request.


Does anyone have an Edge driver for Zigbee roller blind motor?

Thanks in advance

And this one. It’s a USB roller blind zigbee/RF converter.

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Thank you! Do you have a link to join your channel so that I may install these on my hub?

Click through to the other thread and the link is near the end of the post.

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Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo .

Please add the fingerprint of open sensor.
What the driver?

This device was added to Zigbee Contac Mc some days ago

  - id: "_TYZB01_ncdapbwy/Contact Sensor"
    deviceLabel: TS0203 Contact Sensor
    manufacturer: _TYZB01_ncdapbwy
    model: TS0203
    deviceProfileName: contact-battery-profile
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Edge Driver for Ring Alarm Motion Sensor & Ring Alarm Contact Sensor

I searched the ST Community forum and I have not been able to find any Edge Driver support for Ring Alarm Sensor. The Motion sensor is currently installed with the ‘Z-Wave Motion Sensor’ DTH. The contact sensor is currently installed with the ‘Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor’ DTH. Will the devices using the stock DTH automatically be migrated over?

I have provided additional information assuming data is needed for these devices.

Data and RAW description for Motion Sensor:

Data * MSR: 0346-0301-0301

  • networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_S2_AUTHENTICATED
    Raw Description zw:Fs2a type:0701 mfr:0346 prod:0301 model:0301 ver:1.09 zwv:7.12 lib:03 cc:5E,9F,6C,55 sec:59,85,80,70,5A,7A,87,72,8E,71,73,86

Data and RAW description for Contact Sensor:

Data * networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_S2_AUTHENTICATED
Raw Description zw:Ss2a type:0701 mfr:0346 prod:0201 model:0301 ver:1.15 zwv:7.12 lib:03 cc:5E,9F,6C,55 sec:59,85,80,70,5A,7A,87,72,8E,71,73,86,84

What happened with this option?

Edge Driver needed for the Ring Alarm Contact Sensor Using the 'Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor' DTH

As far as what will happen, it all depends on the fingerprint. If the fingerprint is in one of the new stock drivers, it will be migrated over if it is currently using a groovy DTH and there is no custom edge driver with a matching fingerprint.

If you manually changed it to a stock DTH, that won’t cause it to be automatically migrated to the stock edge driver.

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To my knowledge still works, as all my windows and doors are equipped wirh Ring Contact Sensors


Milan: About your comment, “To my knowledge still works, as all my windows and doors are equipped with Ring Contact Sensors”, my sensor is not showing “driver” in the setting menu. Did you uninstall and reinstall the device to pickup an edge driver or did you download a driver and change it manually?


Disregard my follow-up question. I was able to get the contact sensor connected to ST. To accomplish this, I deleted and excluded the contact sensor. Exclusion is done by entering the Z-wave Exclusion utility and then holding the reset button inside the battery compartment for about 10 seconds until the ring light on the front of the sensor turns a steady red. (Note: It was difficult to exclude and I finally need to force delete the device.)
For inclusion, I just selected scan for nearby devices and then held the front button for 3 seconds and then released. This puts the device in “Classic Inclusion Mode”. During Classic Inclusion mode, the green LED will blink three times followed by a brief pause, and it does this sequence repeatedly. I was unable to get ST to discover the contact sensor in this mode. While the the device was still flashing, I again tried to scan for nearby devices and this time I held the front button down for at least 10 seconds and released. This caused the device to rapid flash green and the device was discovered. I then enabled S2 Security by scanning my QR code and the device was successfully setup. It is now displaying “Driver” in the settings menu and it is installed with the ‘Z-Wave Sensor Ring’ Driver. It is also showing ‘placeholder’ in for the device type.

NOTE: I was not successful with paring the Ring Alarm Motion Sensor with ST using the above references driver. The motion sensor pairs as a “Z-Wave Device” DTH.

Here are a couple of screen shots of the Ring Alarm Contact Sensor:


Yes, i removed all sensors and added them back again


Have you any Ring Alarm Motion sensors that you have been able to connect successfully?

I don’t have those

I’ll need to search for a solution then. Thanks for your help Milan

Hi guys, I hereby seek an edge driver for the below Sunricher dimmer:

application: 00
divisor: 1
endpointId: 01
energyDivisor: 100
firmwareImageType: 2033
firmwareManufacturerCode: 4644
manufacturer: Sunricher
model: Micro Smart Dimmer
zigbeeNodeType: ROUTER

Raw Description
01 0104 0101 01 0A 0000 0003 0004 0005 0006 0008 0702 0B04 0B05 1000 01 0019

Under the old architecture I have been using the generic DTH “ZigBee Dimmer”.

Thank you in advance for any assistance on this!