Post Requests for Edge Drivers Here (community-created)

Hi @5spot have a look at these posts.
Hampton Bay Zigbee Ceiling Fan/Light Controller installation HOWTO - Wiki / Projects & Stories - SmartThings Community
[BETA v0515] Hampton Bay Zigbee Ceiling Fan/Light Controller - Devices & Integrations / Community Created Device Types - SmartThings Community

Those won’t help. :disappointed_relieved:

This thread is specifically for people who are requesting community-created Edge Drivers.

The first topic you linked to is about that device, but it’s an old thread and has nothing to do with edge drivers.

The second topic you linked to is for the Groovy version DTH, which is for the old architecture. Edge drivers are for the new architecture. Although there is a brief discussion of edge drivers for the Inovelli Devices towards the end of that thread, the specific Hampton Bay fan control requested is not an Inovelli product and will not be included in that channel.

Please limit responses in this thread to Edge Drivers (which are written in Lua, not groovy).


It does help to have a link to the original DT though JD, so that anyone that is interested in developing an Edge driver for a device can do a bit of homework on what the device is and capable off, very often the original dth also has developers comments which again may have bearing for the new Edge driver, so with that in mind a link to the original dth thread may be of use


Yes, good point. Someone requesting an edge driver can definitely help out potential developers by including a link to the DTH that they are using. :sunglasses:


I’d like to request integration with Hunter Douglas PowerView motorized blinds & shades (Groovy DTH: [RELEASE] Hunter Douglas PowerView Hub integration), MyQ garage door controller (Groovy DTH: GitHub - brbeaird/SmartThings_MyQ: Integrate SmartThings with MyQ), and triggering voice announcements on Amazon Alexa devices (I’m currently using bjpierron’s Simulated Alexa Switch DTH: SmartThings-Alexa/simulated-alexa-switch.groovy at master · bjpierron/SmartThings-Alexa · GitHub, and a routine with the Amazon Alexa application).


There’s already an edge Driver which does basically the same thing as the DTH you linked to. :sunglasses:

Lots of choices of different kinds of virtual devices, and there are several which can trigger an Alexa routine while also looking like a switch to smartthings so you can easily turn them on and off.

Check it out here (The topic title is a clickable link):

That’s great news. Thanks!

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Hello Programmers! :slight_smile: @iquix @Mariano_Colmenarejo @TAustin @ygerlovin @philh30 @veonua

I come from the Vera Edge system, which runs on Lua code!
Is it possible to get Vera code for Smartthings? This would help for something clear!

For example my thermostat from Secure was added there without any problems and the system worked fine… (I came to smartthinhs because of the app and being able to use zigee)

If it helps I just have to connect it again to copy what I need …

Not that I have many devices but…

Philio Pan08 (blinds)
Fiaro Door/Window sensor 2
Neo coolcam Siren
Neo coolcam plug
Neo coolcam motion sensor
Secure SRT321 and SSR303

A good week everyone!

I spent some time learning about Zigbee and now know some internals.
Also have implemented one LAN-connected device using the official example.

But for Zwave devices still using default ST drivers and ones delivered by @RBoy . Hope he will find time to update drivers to the new Edge architecture.

Overall from my experience with Zwave, it is much more standardized, so they deliver few features but are more stable and you can connect most devices to the default driver.

Is it possible to get Vera code for Smartthings? This would help for something clear!

I doubt it, but maybe it will make ST driver development easier, some code can be borrowed.

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Was about to say Bond already has direct c2c integration but realized youre meaning a local integration via the new Edge tools. Now that would be fantastic if possible…especially including their ceiling fan controls
units in addition to the bridge.

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Yes, fans/lights are what I’m referring to and the fact that the documentation for this is available.

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If you haven’t already, don’t forget to bug flair for a local API

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I was requesting this feature, to see if it could be added as an edge driver

If you can’t find one already written, you can ask here if any community developer would be interested in creating one.

@iquix @Mariano_Colmenarejo @TAustin @ygerlovin @philh30 @veonua

Not sure if there’s already drivers available or not, but I’d be intererested in the following:

  • Fibaro Wall Plug US ZW5
  • Fibaro Wall Plug USB
  • Iris Plug w/ ZigBee & Z-Wave Repeater featuring KWh
  • Aeotec Multisensor 6
  • Zooz S2 Multisiren
  • Virtual Acceleration Sensor
  • Momentary Button
  • Device Group capabilities like TrendSetter

Any one of those would be greatly appreciated!

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Zooz is working on Edge Drivers for most of their devices, but are not going to release them publicly until edge itself is out of beta.


VEdge by @TAustin can create a virtual momentary device.

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I can look at adding an acceleration sensor to my virtual device driver. As pointed out above, momentary button is already available.

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I have one of these and I’m pretty sure I put it on my GE ZigBee Switch/Dimmer driver. I think the fingerprint for mine is CentraLite 3210-L if I’m picking the right device out of the list. That driver will do power/energy for switches, but nothing else special (I don’t think that device does anything else though). If your fingerprint matches then give that a try.

I haven’t bothered with the Z-wave repeater portion. The driver wouldn’t do anything for it, so I’ll probably just wait for that to be transitioned by ST.

The Mill Wifi ovens seems to have a bit of a following and an open API:

Original request thread:

Open API:


The stock Z-wave repeater edge driver works with the repeater portion of the CentraLite ZigBee plug, Z-wave repeater combo.

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