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Beta chennel link is this.
Your link does not works for me

sorry about the bad link, yea that is the channel I am using. Will try removing the old DTHs today and will try again.

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Hot off the press - [ST Edge] Personal Tuya Devices - Generic EF00 Device
Managed to get my 3 gang Tuya connected as 3 child switches under generic TUYA EF00
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Request edge driver for Namron Zigbee Panel heater.
ST automatically finds an edge driver but it only has power consumption and total consumption.
No way to set the thermostat, on/off etc.

Link to user manual: User Manual Namron Panel heater

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2016 Samsung TV 55’
model: “16_JAZZM_UHD”
model name: “UN55KS8000”
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I searched and found some datapoints that might help your case.

Install this driver and try using these configurations:

Configuration Datapoint Description Type
Datapoints for switches 13 or 104 ? alarm binary
Generic datapoints for enumerations 21 or 102 ? melody enum
5 or 116 ? volume enum
Generic datapoints for values 7 or 103 ? duration numeric
15 ? battery numeric

Sadly Samsung has announced that the 2016 models will not be supported under the new architecture. :disappointed_relieved:

The only workaround I’ve seen some people using is to get an IR blaster that does work with SmartThings like the SwitchBot mini hub and use that for partial integration. But it’s not as good as the old features.

Can someone tell me what the correct edge driver would be for the Samsung multi purpose contact center

for SmartThings Multiurpose contact sensor there are two options:

  • ST Stock Zigbee Contact Edge Driver
  • Mariano’s Zigbee Temp Sensor with Thermostat MC Edge Driver (if you want to use sensor to set XYZ axis for garage door)

but check the fingerprints as you did not list which version you have


Hi @all4dom
You can use Zigbee Contac Mc driver too

Thanks @jkp


Is there an Edge Driver for the GoControl Smart Fixture Module? This is a Model FS20Z-1 Z-Wave Relay.

I am using it a momentary contact switch to open my garage door. I have the module wired directly to one of my Chamberlain remote circuit boards to emulate a remote button push when any member arrives at our home. I did a video on this but in the video I used a Zooz ZEN 16 because the GoControl Relay is no longer available for sale. If I cannot find a working Edge driver for the GoControl I am going to use the Zooz Zen 16 relay.

Here is a screenshot of the device showing the current DTH, which is the “Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch” The screenshot also displays the manufacture & model number and fingerprints:

Ok i looked up on the ide & its a zigbee smartsense multi sensor. Model # says its a multiv4.

I believe it’s the older one because it’s smaller and square with the big symbol in the middle

The generic ST garage door opener lists two fingerprints for that manufacturer, but not your specific model.

  • id: “linear”
    deviceLabel: Linear Garage Door
    manufacturerId: 0x014F
    productType: 0x4744
    productId: 0x3030
    deviceProfileName: base-garage-door
  • id: “gocontrol”
    deviceLabel: GoControl Garage Door
    manufacturerId: 0x014F
    productType: 0x4744
    productId: 0x3530
    deviceProfileName: base-garage-door

The generic section of the driver doesn’t match the device type and only supports one of the command classes as well.

It’s possible it will be migrated to this driver based on the device type name, but can’t say for sure. I haven’t found any other drivers that might support it.

Try to get a EVA ZIGBEE power meter reader (Connected to the HAN-port of a power/energy meter) to work in Smartthings.
Connected to a Aeotech V3 smarthub I can find it using different drivers like Zigbee Power/Meter (Smartthings) or Zigbee Power/Meter MC (Mariano)
Then it shows the power in W correct, but the energy meter is wrong with like 100MWh used in 1 day…
If I use the Zigbee Thing [YG] v 1.0.2 (Yakov’s) driver I don’t get any meter readings, but different kind of info about the device.
Is it any possibility to get a driver to work fine for this EVA Power/Energy meter?
Or any other similar devices that connects to the HAN-port of energy meters in Norway?
It is a go/no go for me to keep using Smartthings hub, if it is not possible to make it work good I need to find another product to use…

Hi @Nettulf

it is necessary to know the fingerprints, manufacturer, model and clusters.

It may be pairing with cluster 0702 as generic profile and not configuring correctly.

Install Zigbee Thing Mc driver and switch to this driver to see fingerprints

Ok, thx for answer. I post some screenshots of info I got here…


This device is not included in the stock or Mc drivers.

Device measures power, energy and temperature.

Tomorrow I will add it with its own profile and I will add it to the frient subdriver, which I modified for another user and it has settings in preferences to customize the divisors of the power and energy calculation.
With these adjustments you can correct the calculated values of power and energy to the correct values that you calculate.

When it’s done I’ll let you know and explain how to adjust it

UPDATE: Answer in this thread


Anyone know of an edge driver for Govee Wi-Fi led strips.
I’m currently using the db dev custom dth but when groovy is sunsetted I like to be able to continue with them.
Using them with the dth requires confuguring Govee api key and device keys and model number

I have ZXT-120 IR blaster for sure is not edge driver out there

if anyone can help will be great