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Just wondering @Mariano_Colmenarejo if its at all possible to have a driver for Aqara Temperature/humidity sensor without the thermostat stuff?
I had 1 Aqara sensor using the driver “Zigbee Temp Humidity Sensor MC-(OLD)” which i loved the tiles layout, but all my newly added sensors only have the “Zigbee Temp Sensor with Thermostat Mc” available, this one’s tile layout isnt as good and or useful.
Totally understand if this isnt possible.

Hi @Ace2

If you don’t want to use the virtual thermostat child, don’t create the thermostat device from preferences.

That way the driver will work exactly the same as the previous one. It will not run any thermostat routines.

You can use the multiple tiles too just like before

@Mariano_Colmenarejo I dont have a option to create without thermostats, I’ve added the sensor by searching for device in Smartthings and it chooses the edge driver.
If i goto select different drivers, i have these :

In smartthings im present with this

Am i missing something?

Is ther a driver for the Aqara roller shade driver E1


+1 for Eurotronic Spirit Zigbee TRV

The documentation below includes cluster detail etc.

Please take questions/comments about a specific driver to the author thread for that driver. This thread is only for a request for a new driver.

In this case:

[Beta] ) Edge Driver Zigbee Temp Sensor and Thermostat Mc:


Please respond with a link to your author thread and continue the conversation there. Thank you.

Can you add an edge driver for that product?

@Mariano_Colmenarejo Thank you for everything you have done to support the ST community! I had preveously enrolled in your “Mariano Shared Beta Driver” channel on my hub for a couple of other devices, including the “Zigbee Switch Mc” driver. But it did not allow me to enroll my Outlink. That is we I made my post.

Shortly after you sent your message I deleted and attempted to reenroll the Outlink, but had the same outcome - It onboards as a “Z-Wave Controller” apparently using a Groovy DTH, as no “Driver” option appears in the device menu option.

I understand that changes to drivers can take up to 12 hrs, and so I waited overnight to reattempt to delete and add the device, but still the same result. Below is the “Zigbee Switch Mc” driver information as of right now -

The device is an in-wall outlet (receptacle) -

Outlink Support Page

It was power monitoring capabilities, but all I want to do is to control it, On and Off—as before with the Mitch Pond DTH—using a Routine, based on a motion detector.

Anything else you can do to restore the use of this device would be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi @manuelceja

Added to this driver version

Install Zigbee Switch Power Mc driver from my channel

 Name         Zigbee Switch Power Mc
 Version      2022-12-20T16:48:50.041785547
- id: "Quirky/ZHA Smart Plug"
    deviceLabel: Smart Plug
    manufacturer: Quirky
    model: ZHA Smart Plug
    deviceProfileName: switch-power-energy-plug


It works! Thank you, so very much!

I deleted the incorrect ‘Z-Wave Controller’ device. I then added the “Zigbee Switch Power Mc” driver, and I attempted to add a device by scanning for nearby device, and it immediately added it.

I tested via the app and on the device, and they sync up perfectly. I have also added it back to my routines.

You are a gifted and generous individual - Thank you for restoring this device to our setup!



Hello all,

Is there any chance I can get an edge driver for:

Is 2 gang switch, and @Mariano_Colmenarejo drivers does not recognize it (I also have 1, 2 and 3 way switch from same manufacturer, excepting 1 gang, the rest are not recognized)

Hi @Kowalski

Added 2 gang switch to this driver version
If you send the fingerprints for other 1 and 3 gang switch then I will add

 Name         Zigbee Multi Switch and Child Mc     
 Version      2022-12-21T14:02:25.597718005        
- id: "TS0002/_TZ3000_ptjcjise"
    deviceLabel: Two Switch
    manufacturer: _TZ3000_ptjcjise
    model: TS0002
    deviceProfileName: two-switch

Anyone know of a driver for a Treat life 3 button scene


Did you try official integration?

I did see that but that iss for treat life hub or wifi devices. The device I’m trying to join is zigbee

This is 3 gang switch

This is 1 gang switch

Thank you a lot for all your magic done for ST community.

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Hi @Kowalski
Added to this driver version

 Name         Zigbee Multi Switch and Child Mc     
 Version      2022-12-21T22:12:49.863103217        
- id: "TS0003/_TZ3000_jfha4mdia"
    deviceLabel: TS0003 3 Switch
    manufacturer: _TZ3000_jfha4mdia
    model: TS0003
    deviceProfileName: three-switch

Added to this driver version

 Name         Zigbee Switch Mc
 Version      2022-12-21T22:17:15.633277908        
- id: "_TZ3000_0t4zjtia/TS0001"
    deviceLabel: TS0001 Switch
    manufacturer: _TZ3000_0t4zjtia
    model: TS0001
    deviceProfileName: single-switch

Damn that was fast :slight_smile:
Thanks again sincerely for all your effort done for this community.

Does anyone know some zigbee devices appears as “Execution Cloud” in
Even tho they use edge drivers? (even Samsung Official zigbee edge drivers, some appears to run as Cloud instead of Local)


IDE was designed for groovy devices and smartapps so it does not display info for Edge devices. They only show Placeholder and Cloud but directly connected Edge devices are running locally. FYI - IDE will cease on December 31.

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See the community FAQ:

FAQ: Why does the IDE list “placeholder” for my device? Can I change that?