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Hi Daniel2,
did you find any solution for your device?

Anyone can help?

I am requesting edge driver for the Tuya mmwave human presence sensor. I do not have model number at this point. I believe it is manufactured by Wenzhi from what I have found on Aliexpress.

You will need the model number and the complete “fingerprint”, but there have already been multiple different requests including in this thread. It’s a cool device, but A community developer has looked at it and it uses proprietary Tuya clusters, and those can be very challenging to develop for. Most of those models did not work with the old smartthings platform and I’m not sure they are going to work with the new one, either. :disappointed_relieved:

See the following recent discussion:

BTW, if you haven’t bought it, yet, there is an edge driver that works with most of the features of a similar device from Aqara, the FP1. It doesn’t have the proprietary code issues that the Tuya model does.

[ST Edge/Beta] Xiaomi/Aqara/Tuya zigbee sensors driver

Thanks for the link to this previous information. Sometimes it’s hard to find what you are looking for on the site. TMI :blush:

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I wonder if there will be support for Remotec ZFM-80. Zwave Dry Contact Switch Module. This used to be the solution for fireplaces and garage doors.

zw:L type:1001 mfr:5254 prod:8000 model:0002 ver:1.03 zwv:3.40 lib:06 cc:20,25,27,72,86,70,85

If you are in North America, Zooz (house brand for The Smartest House) has several different relay models which are very popular and I believe most, if not all have edge drivers.

We have a community Edge driver coming for the ZFM-80 very soon.


Very cool!
Thank you

Hue outlet are the last item in my system without an edge driver.

  • Last Hop LQI: 198
  • Last Hop RSSI: -84
  • Received Messages From Device: 236
  • Received Messages From Device (Duplicates): 1
  • Messages Transmitted to Device: 85
  • Messages Transmitted to Device (Failures): 0
  • Updated Time: 2022-12-17 11:12 AM EST
    Data * application: 02
  • endpointId: 0B
  • firmwareFullVersion: 01000604
  • firmwareImageType: 282
  • firmwareManufacturerCode: 4107
  • manufacturer: Signify Netherlands B.V.
  • model: LOM010
  • zigbeeNodeType: ROUTER
    Raw Description 0B 0104 010A 01 08 0000 0003 0004 0005 0006 0008 1000 FC02 01 0019

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Do you have an ETA on this? Thanks for doing this.

If you have a Hue hub, these outlets are already supported. The driver I have posted supports them, and I think the stock ST driver also does. ST will be converting theirs to Edge at some point as well. Here is the one I have been developing:


I think we’re looking at sometime this week. Soon!


I don’t have a hub, just added another last night and it still used the native ZigBee switch dth instead of the ZigBee switch edge driver. I have both the native and the MC edge drivers installed.
I only have hue outlets and motion sensors no bulbs so my hue hub has been buried in a box for over a year. I have even installed Sonoff Zbmini devices in all my stand alone lamps so no need for smart bulbs.

Hi @David_Kneebush

If You want i could add to zigbee switch Mc tomorrow

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Thanks, that would be great!

I’m working on an Edge port of the existing DTH. Don’t know if it will be able to have all the same features.

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Hi @David_Kneebush

Added to this driver version

 Name         Zigbee Switch Mc
 Version      2022-12-18T10:05:08.440175774        
- id: "Philips Hue Plug/LOM010"
    deviceLabel: Philips Hue Plug
    manufacturer: Signify Netherlands B.V.
    model: LOM010
    deviceProfileName: single-switch-plug
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Would it be possible to add the fingerprint for a Secure SIR321 Z-Wave (timer) switch to a community Edge driver?

This is what my SIR321 is reporting:
zw:L type:1000 mfr:0059 prod:0010 model:0001 ver:1.00 zwv:3.34 lib:06 cc:72,86,25,20,85,53,70
I have seed documentation of models 0x0002 and 0x0003 online; the latter being Z-Wave plus (I think)

It implements Basic and SwitchBinary capabilities.

I have started to implement my own Edge driver but the absence of a Z-Wave Thing means that I have to uninstall for each test iteration.
With an accessory thermistor (which I do not yet have) it apparently can measure temperature but I have no clue how this is handled (there is no mention of SensorMultilevel capability).

A community Z-Wave Thing driver would also be useful if you could point me at a suitable channel.

Thanks, Aidan