Possible to run v1 & v2 hubs in same location?

Over the weekend I (finally) upgraded to the v2 hub, tedious but successful other than two Hue devices (which were happily paired directly with my v1 hub, have never purchased a Hue hub). Searching for help, it sounds like once Hue devices are paired to one hub / channel they can’t be reset without a special remote, and that SmartThings no longer suggests direct pairing with the v2 hub…? I don’t like the Hues enough to spend any more money on them, but want to continue using my existing bulb and light strip rather than tossing them in the trash.

So, if my existing bulbs are useless unless paired with the old hub, it seems like the solution would be to continue using my v1 hub just to control those two lights… But I’m wondering if running both hubs plugged in within inches of each other might cause issues with my other devices? Or is there any other option I’m missing? Thanks!

I ran both hubs right next to one another, although I didn’t have any Z-Wave or ZigBee devices paired to the V2 hub. I didn’t have any issues that I recall. Of course, there will be no interaction between the V1 and the V2 locations. I.e. you can’t trigger something on V1 if the sensor is hooked up to V2, and vice versa.

Reset your hue bulbs.
I bought a remote which allowed me to do this.