Possible to edit screens for Official Smartthings Supported Devices? (i.e. the new Honeywell Thermostats)

I am glad that Smartthings and Honeywell recently released an official integration but like the layout I have created with the community developed device handler better. I would like to know if there is a way that we can access/modify the official version (making our own device handler) so we can modify the screen a bit.

I was hoping it would be in the IDE under device handlers | from template but alas it is not.

Anyone know the answer?

No easy way at all, though if the source code is open on the Public SmartThings GitHub then you can make a personal version.

I believe Honeywell is closed source though. Take a look on the SmartThings github to be sure.

I was just poking around in there looking, but I couldn’t find anything.

@Justplaynn, what does the IDE say it’s using for a device handler?

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