Possible to change mode and SHM state in IDE?

(ecksomperudenlign) #1

Is a slow Friday and got me imagination going:
I am heading home tonight, as I get closer to my apartment. A robber jumps up from nowhere and took my phone and ran away.
I have no other tablet or mobile device I can use to disarm the ST. I do have a computer at home. How can I disarm ST and stop the siren from continues blaring in IDE?

(Larry) #2

tablet mounted on wall inside the door like I have :slight_smile:

(Nate) #3

Smarttiles gives a link that can be used on a PC. It allows you to change modes and disarm.

(Kevin) #4

If the mobile app is down, you could run into the same problem with the alarm so you should look at your alarm documentation to see if there’s a way to manually disable it.

You could technically use a SmartApp to turn off the siren using the simulator in the IDE, but it’s not something you’d be able to run quickly.

There’s a SmartApp called SmartTiles provides a web interface, but I think there’s a problem with that app at the moment that ST is working on.

You may want to get a button device like the Aeon Minimote that you can use as an alternative way of setting and disarming the alarm.

(ecksomperudenlign) #5

I started the SmileTiles, can’t seem to find a way to add the Aeon Siren. Thus, can’t turn it off if the siren starts blaring.

(Nate) #6

Yeah, I cannot find a way to add the siren either. I was referring to being able to change the mode. You can do that, which if the siren is tied to the mode (or arm/disarm), if you change the mode, that in turn should turn off the siren. Others may have better ideas, just something I thought of that might help.

(ecksomperudenlign) #7

This definitely help !!:slight_smile:

Unfortunately in this scenario, the alarm would have been tripped before I got to my computer. Once the alarm is triggered. The video will start recording, alarm will start blaring. Can’t make it stop…

(Nate) #8

Gotcha! I was under the assumption that once the “system” was disarmed or mode changed that it would trigger to turn off. I don’t have a siren myself so this is good education for me for when I get one. :grin:

(ecksomperudenlign) #9

I just found and tested successfully to put the Aeon Siren as “Switch” in the SmartTiles. You can turn it on and off that way :slight_smile:

(Nate) #10

Aha! Yes, genius! :slight_smile: