Possible IRIS Convert With a Question

Hey Everyone,

Thinking about converting from IRIS, and had a Question about integration. I know I need to replace all my sensors since they are version 1, but all my other hardware looks to be compatible. I really just have 3 questions.

Is security camera video only stored on Samsung servers or is there a device or way to let camera footage to be stored on local servers?

And more importantly, is there an alarm type feature? I saw a siren and assuming it shouldn’t be difficult for ITTT rules, but is there some type of keypad that can be used for arming/disarming the alarm? I have young kids and a keypad is easier than an app for them.

Lastly, how is the integration with Shlage locks? I have two and love them, but I’m worried about not being able to set up pins and times for pins to work on the lock itself. Right now I do that all through the IRIS app and read that you can’t do that through the Samsung app.

Thanks for any advice you all can provide, and I look forward to joining the community!