Possible GE Z-Wave Outlet Failure

So, last night upon going to bed, I tell my home to go to sleep and lo and behold, one of my lights stayed on. At first I thought I messed something up with my apps, but upon a brief investigation this morning, the GE Z-Wave outlet from Lowe’s wouldn’t even shut-off using the button on the front panel. I’m guessing the relay welded shut? I’m going to investigate it later tonight, but have any of you guys had this same problem?

I experienced a 20% defect rate with the GE in-wall switches but no issues with the duplex outlets yet. I’d just exchange it to avoid more nuisance.

@Dlee, was yours stuck in the on position?

I just have one of them in my environment currently. Not a problem as of yet. One thing to try would be to disconnect it (you are going to have to do this anyway) and then re-apply power to see if resets and clears itself.

How long have you had it?

About nine months.

Of your switch failures, did they stick on the on or off positions?

@NickW as I noted in my response I have had no issues with the GE outlets. I was wondering if you have removed power from it and tried to re-attach it, essentially doing a power off reset.

@NickW No, the switches I had issues with were dead on arrival. One would flash lights briefly when turned on, but not stay on. The other two simply didn’t work at all. Only had these a few months. Not looking forward to a possible 9-month life span!

I’m dreading replacing the outlet because that means I need to move my entire entertainment center :wink:

You might want to replace it with one of these instead - much easier to service/replace should anything go wrong in the future…


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