Possible Garage Door Opener Option

Anyone knof of this puppy?

Pretty sure that’s a closed protocol.

I’m trying to dig up the spec sheets. There was a review somewhere that made it sound like it was plain vanilla z-wave and now I Can’t locate it.

Theres an easier generic Z-Wave alternative to this. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00913ATFI

I just got the remotec unit via ups a few minutes ago. From the spec sheet and just looking at the back, it looks like its just what it says - a z-wave to dry contact relay. Should work fine with garage door openers or anything else either low or high voltage that you want to control. Even has a set of trigger connectors on the back and a status indicator light on the front. About the size of a decora switch. I’ll hook it up in a few minutes. They’re pricey but lacking a shield or some way to address an Ethernet multi-relay board, I’ll have to use 4 of these to finish up an annunciation board that tells me which aeon motion sensor trips (I’ve got them around the outside of the house). Expensive way to light an LED and identify which sensor tripped.