Possible dual fan/light switch adapter


The smartapp is my issue right now too. I have been trying lots of stuff to get it to work but they all fail. For me, I want to be able to have virtual tiles that turn on and off selected relays on each device. I also want wall controllers as you know I’m trying to use the Enerwave 7 button scene controller but I can’t get anything out of that except added to the hub. I have received info from Enerwave on each device. I will post those documents in the threads I created, hopefully someone can give some help.

The issue with the 7 Button, I would guess is that it needs to be able to see individual “things” even though your device app has created

Yeah the problem with most scene controllers is that they are NOT communicating thru the Hub at all. They talk directly to the Z-wave devices, so it’s quite impossible for them control virtual devices with only exist in the cloud.

The Aeon button/minimote apparently operate a little differently and the Hub is able to “hear” the signal coming from it and you can therefore use this to launch SmartApps.

But you can’t program sithout a controller…

I can’t imagine there is not some way for the ST hub to take button pushes on the scene controllers and interpret them via apps/custom devices to make changes to on/off states.

As stated before, the only thing I can do is add the scene controller to the hub. It sees/reports/logs no activity of button pushes?

Does anyone know of any wall based remotes? Maybe that is a device type that should be added to the Devices we don’t have. I’m sure with an arduino & arduino shield & some type of buttons one could be made but now way all that would fit into the wall. box.

This is probably not practical nor is there probably enough room but could you install a wemo switch for the fans behind each canopy? Run the power to the lights direct so the memos are just controlling the fans. Switch the bulbs in the fan to TCP Connected bulbs or some other controlled bulb. Rewire the wire leading up to the fans so it does not go thorough a switch so it’s always hot. Now you could stop here and control everything with your phone or tablet, or you install a dual switch setup in the wall. One wemo switch when turned on would trigger the fans and the other wemo could control the bulbs turning on or off. Like I said, it’s not practical and not the cheapest way to go about getting it done. Just an option.

I have achieved for about $50 per location independent control of the light/fan from web/smart phone/tablet. What I want to be able to do now is also be able to control those relays from a switch on the wall. So people visiting my home or when not practical I don’t have to take out my phone, wait for the app to open, etc etc.

I realize there are a couple remotes that will work for this purpose, but this is not a good solution. Generally people expect a switch to control lights/fans and when walking into a dark room a remote somewhere in that dark room does no good.

What are you using for $50 per fan?

Enerwave Dual Relay ZWN-RSM2, it’s meant to go into the wall switch. But since my wall switch is only 1 hot/neutral I put them into the fan canopy’s. They are under $50 a piece on Amazon. Because ST does not natively support dual relay’s. I used a combination of Apps and Custom Device to get it working 100% from phone/tablet/web. I’m currently using 3 of them and plan to add at 4 more. But first I need to find a way to control them from a wall mountable switch. See post #42 above for a link to more info.


You can program any Z-Wave switch to “virtually” turn on/off your fan/light. I’ve done this with a couple of lights. Use “The Big Switch” app to do this.


This is not a bad solution, it does however increase the cost. About 120 per device. 50 for the dual relay, 35 for each switch. Still the best solution though :smile:

I’m still hopeful something can be done with in wall scene controllers. Or even a dual button In wall switch.

I agree. Scene controller integration with ST is a must. I mentioned these in another thread where they were asking for input on devices that the community would like to see supported.

I’ve had fine success controlling HUE lights through smart apps w/ a GE/Jasco wall switch. It’s not “real-time” and there can be a second or two of lag, but it’s been acceptable. But you’re right - having to purchase single switches for every function, AND hope that the performance/lag is acceptable to guests (and the wife) is an expensive pain. There are wall-mount scene controllers with 4+ buttons that would be much more cost-effective for this kind of app (i.e. GE 45631)

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Completely agree! It would just make the house more efficient. And of course wife approved (all the married guys know the more she approves the more we get to spend on it). My kids mess with the switches and she hasn’t figured out best way to do it all on her phone. Having 4/7 buttons wall mounted would be a lot more efficient

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Yesterday I experimented with double tap on the GE switches. It works ok for me, but not at all for the wife. The normal function of using the one GE switch as a virtual switch to turn off all light in dining and living room didn’t even work for her (hah). I was hopeful this would be a good temporary solution, but it’s not.

I think today I’m going to purchase a couple WeMo switches to experiment with using IFTTT, apparently with those you can do long and short presses and trigger actions using IFTTT. But this still is NOT the best solution.

I think ST knows the importance of these scene controllers, but lets make sure they don’t forget the importance of them.

I know this thread is old, but I’m new to ST and am running into this same situation. My living room has 2 fan/lights that are all controlled with one switch. I have a second switch that controls some wall outlets that I was planning on wiring that so the outlets were always live, freeing up a spot for me to add a second switch.

My question is, if I put the ZWN-RSM2 in each of the canopies, and install two Z-wave switches, could I tell one switch to activate both “Load 1s” in the two relays and then the other switch to activate both “Load 2s”?

I see many people commenting that ST only sees one thing with the ZWN-RSM2, so I wasn’t sure if it’s been resolved where the two loads could be separated.

Thank you!

Yup that’s what I do

It’s messy but it works.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Is there a thread somewhere that I can use to walk through how to set it up?

Ooops, I copied the link but never pasted. Start Here, let me know if you have questions.

Matt, can you confirm that this picture of wiring is what you actually got to work with your Enerwave zwn-rsm2?

I have the same setup as you, but want to get it right the first time from a wiring perspective.

Enerwave Blue (aux2), Orange (aux1), and White (neutral) all connect to:
House Neutral

Enerwave Black (Hot) to:
House Hot

Enerwave Load 1 (Red) to:
Canopy Fan load wire

Enerwave Load 2 (Red) to:
Canopy Light load wire

Yes, connect all those to the neutral then individual put. Black to hot. You can reverse which one goes to light and fan. The first one gets priority if you don’t run the app.