Possible concept for shower automation

So guys, I’m looking to put a tablet in the shower that is charged by the water running through the shower head.

Key features
-DIY - No need to wire through the walls
-Displays temperature and flow rate on display
-Remembers your temperature and flow settings
-One button start and stop
-Warms itself up before you take a shower and shuts off after temperature is reached
-Limits hot and cold temperatures and attempts to reduce fluctuations
-Possible proximity activation. The shower will activate when you stand inside within 5 minutes of warm up function
-Take down your shower thoughts
-Tracks and displays your shower consumption in real time as well as calculate cost
-Automatically plays your favorite songs/radio/relaxation tunes
-Consume media, news, play games - though you’ll be wasting a lot of water and money.
-water proof and water friendly touch display

The setup will require you to take off the shower head, put on a device, put the shower head back on, install the connector and put the tablet on.

Hardware components
-3 way ball valve
-maybe something to connect to the valves and turn it.

Reason why I think the idea is good
The shower is one of the first things people do in the morning.
A dashboard to display all the information you need to prepare for your morning would be awesome.

Let me know what you think.

I made a concept/promotional page for it. feel free to check it out if you are interested. Just trying to see if people are interested at the moment. Not selling anything. Yet anyway.

That’s a pretty cool idea… And look at us still figuring out how to turn on our lights and getting our presence felt at home! :slight_smile:

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I like the mind reading option…that has uses everywhere !!!


Cheers guys!

Can’t wait for a good lighting solution to come out. We’ve got a company doing smart light bulbs in Australia called LifX, I saw one yesterday and it looked pretty good. Maybe you can check it out. But its only the globe though. We need some ambient light sensors + presence sensors too!

Hahah took me awhile to get that.

@hoa hehehehehehehhehehe! There are bulbs called hue, lux, cree connects, GE links, TCP, and the one you mentioned up here in the northern hemisphere. :wink: but I do give you credit for winning the cricket world cup this year!!! :slight_smile:

Yeah we’re pretty slow on the whole home automation thing down here. Well technology adoption in general. I can’t talk to anyone about it, pretty depressing actually. I feel so out of touch with the whole scene. Spending some more time on this forum would probably do me good.

Pretty cool idea but I guess you need a waterproof tablet or case? And will it be playing nice with ST?

I will trade the Cricket World Cup 2015 for all my gadgets. :wink:

I’m thinking a waterproof tablet with proximity sensor based touch screen so water doesn’t get in the way. It runs on android so you can run the ST app and on it. I should be able to make it to send consumption data and alerts when showering costs are higher than usual.