Porting a Yale Connected Touchscreen deadbolt from AT&T Digital Life?

Now that V2 is out, and has some amount of local control, I am again considering purchasing a SmartThings Hub.

In the intervening year I got talked into AT&T Digial Life. The system is fairly good (at the discounted rate that I get, but not a full price).

If I switch to SmartThings, I don’t expect to be able to use AT&T’s door/window sensors or outlets, but it would be nice if I could recoup my “investment” in the two Yale Connected Touchscreen deadbolts that I bought from AT&T.

I see this deadbolt is on the “works with SmartThings” list, and I also see that the deadbolt has a removable module in it that I am hoping is the only proprietary (to AT&T) part.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to swap out that module so that the deadbolt will work with SmartThings?

Thanks … Mike

If you remove the battery door you can see the pink colored module. There should be a sticker on it, what does it say?

(sorry for the delay responding, I forgot to enable email notifications)

The module in mine is green, with the following two lines on the label:

ATT 2.0 CP2-5-3

Doing a Google search for the first line gives me some results (for “Yale Z-wave Module for Yale Real Living Electronic Locks US2.0 CP2-5-3”), and so it looks like I can buy a replacement Z-Wave module for this. Does that sound right?

Interestingly the prices I am seeing are about 50% of what I paid for the lock.

Thanks … Mike

Honestly I’d be surprised if the module was proprietary. If its certified zwave, I’d think it would need to be standard. I’d try it with the current module before buying a new one.

Sounds good, thanks very much.


I’ve had excellent support from Yale customer service, it’s worth asking them if that module would be compatible with SmartThings.

Any luck on getting the AT&T Yale lock to connect with your Smartthings? I hope I dont have to buy another module.

Yeah, in fact I finally bit the bullet and did it this weekend (coincidence!). I followed the instructions on https://support.smartthings.com/hc/en-us/articles/205138400-Yale-Real-Living-Touchscreen-Deadbolt-YRD220-

So far all I can do is unlock/lock and see battery percentage through the ST app or ActionTiles. I’m now in the process of researching SmartApps to let me lock it some time after the door closes, and maybe to manage PINs.


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Great job I got mine working as well. Looking into a few different device handlers to support auto lock and other features. I really hate how Rboy is charging people for enhancements when this is an open source community. He can simply ask for donations.